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Top 10 Careers as an Artist

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

What can you do as an Artist? While being an architect or a fashion designer are too mainstream career options, there are many more opportunities that you can be if you have a creative head.

Go through our list of top 10 careers as an artist and find your creative escape.

  • Art Director

As an Art Director, you'll be responsible for developing a visual style and theme for newspapers, magazines, product packaging, television and film production. You'll help create an overall tone, style and theme and convey it to artists who work according to it. You'll work with advertising firms, book and magazine publishing houses and producers and directors mainly. You'll have to inspire other creative heads and ensure the project completes on time and in budget.

  • Concept Artist

As the name suggests, a Concept Artist creates concepts and envisions themes for brands, events, campaigns, mascots, characters, environments, etc. As a Concept Artist you'll require strong communication skills as well as you need to express ideas to your team of designers. You need to be creative 24*7 and a command over what type of content works. For this, you also need to adapt, shift and imagine yourself in different settings based on the project. Learn how to grow your art on Instagram and strength your profile.

  • Art Therapist

It involves the use of creative techniques like drawing, painting, designing to help people express themselves and achieve peace of mind. It is a form of creative expression, where one helps the other discover the self, and also work on certain traits like concentration building, learning and growth, anger and stress management, anxiety issues, personality development and improve the overall well-being of a person. This is one of the most in-demand and high-paying career profile of recent times. To know more about Art Therapy, click here.

  • Hobby Artists

These are people who are passionate about art and keep on exploring the world of art. They might have a completely different profession, or be a homemaker, but practice art on an everyday basis. A lot of them conduct art classes and workshops and spread the love for art.

  • Artist Management

If you love being surrounded by great art with a knack for management, then this job is for you. Assist an artist to sell paintings, get orders, curate shows, get featured, organize events and build an artistic identity. Remember to stay updated and high on research if you want to take up this job. If you're an artist, looking for artist management services, click here.

  • Art Curator

Do you have an eye for great art? Acquire and manage art collections, put up art shows, exhibitions and galleries. Create catalogs of art styles and define art trends. Support artists or be an art critic, and bring out the best of artists for the world to see and appreciate.

  • Art Valuer/Auctioneer

Do you have an artistic taste along with a thorough understanding of commerce and economy? Help artists and galleries to price artworks and conduct auctions. Earn commissions from art buyers, collectors and connoisseurs by updating their art collection. Have a deep study of art history and contemporary art before starting out as an art valuer or auctioneer.

  • Art Conservator

From paintings to manuscripts, help art museums and galleries restore works of art to its former state. A part of your job would also be to give touch-ups, and clean and repair art using different techniques and understand the tradition of creating art. In the process, also learn about art history and heritage while maintaining the beauty of this world.

  • Art Entrepreneur

Start your own brand or business using your artistic skills. Sell your products, design new ones and make a career in art. Put your business skills to use and earn profits. Create not just art, but your own identity. Sell paintings, prints or merchandise and run a proper business. If you are interested to know top websites to sell your art, click here.

We all wish to earn by converting our passion into our profession. And in this age of being a multipotentialite, having multiple creative pursuits is no more a question. So, if you love art, then you definitely have more career options than just being an artist. Identify your skills and get going creatively.

And, remember to #stayrad

Contact us, to know more ways of growing as an artist.

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