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How to grow as an Artist on Instagram?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

We don’t have a choice whether we use social media; the question is how well we use it. Social Media is addictive precisely because it gives us a sense of community, identity and value as an individual. But, how do you-as an artist make sure to get the best value?

We are artists, we sure know how to create great art, but it is also important for us to know how to exhibit our artistic talent. Social Media is a great tool to help your art get a global audience. Among all the various platforms available out there, Instagram has proven to be the most trending and perfect platform for artists of all kinds.

So, to help you get started with building your Art account on Instagram, I’ve compiled a list of tried and tested tips and tricks that can be used to gain a following on Instagram.

1. Make sure your Content stands out

Always remember to post high quality pictures of your artwork. Edit them properly. Don’t include unnecessary objects in the frame. Adjust the brightness and exposure. (You may keep your images a bit more bright, as people tend to use their phones on low brightness.) Add vignette whenever required. Colour balance to enhance the aesthetics.

2. Presentation is the key

A well-presented average artwork is better than roughly presented great art. If you think your art can be a great piece as a wall-decor, show it to your audience. Including pencils, brushes or tools can be a great way to make a picture interesting. Break the rules, and use a garden or a beautiful vase, blurred in the background and see your comment section on Instagram go crazy.

3. Use of hashtags and features

You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags on Instagram. I suggest you use all 30. Create a combination that works best for you – some hashtags can be general like #art #painting, some can be specific like #animalportrait #workshopinpune, some can be to get featured like #stayrad. I also prefer to add my personalised hashtag to all my posts. Use features like location, tags as and when required. Tag the products (or their brands) that you use.

4. Stories to connect

Everyone loves to listen to stories. It is easy to feel connected to a story rather than a piece of information. We don’t post art on Instagram to impress people; we post t to impact people. And what better way to connect than a story. Don’t use the story feature just to update about “new post”, think how you can use it wisely. People love to know the process of artwork, or what inspired you to do it, your art should give people something to think and feel about.

5. Support other Artists

This is the easiest way to grow your audience on Instagram. Give a shoutout to an artist whose work you like. Show appreciation in the form of comments. It means to that artist as much as it means to you. Follow new artpages. I make it a point to discover a new artist atleast once every week. If you have used reference or taken inspiration, give proper credits. Acknowledge people that support your art by re-sharing stories and commenting.

6. Engage with your audience

Once in a while, it’s good to use features like poll or quiz or ask me anything to build communication. Try replying to all genuine queries. Respond to every comment. You don’t have to be a mystery, people love to know the artist, you may give small titbits of your personal life. This helps people know you are as much human as they are. Be polite and professional, even if it’s a troll. You are not here to entertain them, ignore if you can’t deal.

7. Be consistent and confident

Most important of all, be consistent and regular. You are using social media to help grow your art business. So, treat it like one. Create a social media plan and schedule your posts accordingly. Then, follow the plan like you follow your passion – determined and confident.

An Extra Tip : Plan in a way to show you are here to stay and make a difference.

This is what I have learnt after going from 500 followers to 5000 in a year. This is a result of continuous experimenting and trying out new strategies. I suggest you to use my knowledge but never stop experimenting and trying new things. After all, we are artists.

And, if you know any new tricks, do comment them below. I would love to try them. I would also love to hear if any of these tips helped you grow your art on Instagram.

Remember to, #GrowWithRad !

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Mahek Mandaviya
Mahek Mandaviya
Feb 04, 2020

Thanks... For help us to grow!

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