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50 Name Ideas for Your Art Account on Instagram

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Creating an Instagram account to finally let go off your insecurities and being ready to let the world see your creations? That's amazing, but don't forget to wisely and carefully choose the name of your account. You see, you are representing yourself and all of your art under that seemingly little thing, which ironically holds a lot of importance!

The most common, simplest and easiest ways of deciding the name for your account are adding your name to it, your style of work, your initials along with the art form, or simply giving it the name or abbreviation of something or someone that means to you.

Besides that, here is a list of 50 beautiful names that you can use or relate to for your Instagram account!

  • The philocalist artist (philocalist - a lover of beauty)

  • yugen art (yugen - an awareness, consciousness about the universe)

  • Ethereal art (ethereal - to be too soft, delicate to belong to this world)

  • The vad art ( vad- wild, left freely, uncontrolled)

  • Solastart / Solasta art ( solasta - emitting light, shining, glowing)

  • Symphonic art

  • Art in symphony

  • Artistic epiphany

  • Artistic escape

  • The world of colors

  • Paint splashes by (your name)

  • Bloom in paint

  • Painting down the cosmos

  • The painted canvas

  • Canvases by (your name)

  • Artistic paints

  • Hands in charcoal

  • Charcoal on charts

  • The journal of charcoal

  • Art journal by (your name)

  • Elysian art (elysian - beautiful, creative, celestial)

  • Cosmogyral charcoal ( cosmogyral - in the universe, whirling around it)

  • Art in Aurora

  • Lettering down the universe

  • Entrancing easel

  • Spilled colors

  • Alluring art

  • Oodles of creativity

  • Itsy Bitsy Artsy

  • A hundred hues

  • Hundred shades of (your name)

  • The starry shades

  • The starry hues

  • Sky of colors

  • The amorist artist

  • Euphoric art

  • Art in felicity (felicity - happiness)

  • Ineffably artistic

  • Artistry by (your name)

  • The raw canvas

  • The charismatic canvas

  • Creating creativity

  • Passionate pencils

  • Placid art by (your name)

  • Flourishing Flaws

  • Celestial creations

  • The canvas Caravan

  • Blissful artistry

  • Artworks of (your name)

  • Feel paintastic

So, the list of the 50 names end here, I hope one of them touched you enough for you to make your mind!

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