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Instagram Algorithm and how you need to catch up to it

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Old times have gone far away from where you make an art piece it gets all the recognition you deserve. Welcome to the virtual world, dear artists. Welcome to the world of Instagram, which is always kind to you, but a little tricky with your content.

Artists have found in Instagram a platform to showcase their talent and reach an uncountable, unbelievable number of people within just a few clicks and tricks. Be it the following count or the number of posts, be it the likes and comments or the wildly roaring appreciation, everything either puts you right on the seventh sky or deep down, smashed under a pit. But here's the truth: it's not your posts that decide the response you'd get, it is Instagram itself. Well, technically, it is a little strange to understand this, but really, you'd catch up.

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The concept of the Instagram algorithm, if explained in extremely simplified words, is the basis on which your work would reach your desired audience, and no, talent is not the only ingredient in this recipe. With a little salt and pepper here and a little spiced-up content, there is all you need to wave that magic wand off right on the online world.

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Well, the cliched line, of course, to know the interest of an audience, remains not so common in the language of Instagram.

Knowing the interest of your audience can have a variety of meanings, and all of them together would give you exactly what you need.

  • Firstly, know the interest of your current audience. Observe closely how they react and decipher each post of yours, and decode what really pleases their eyes. It does not mean you'll stick to those kinds and types of artwork, but one tiny dot connects thousands of lines. Similarly, that one type of art may have a thousand other art forms and types related to it, which may arouse the interest of your audience even more.

  • The second thing you need to concentrate on is your future audience. The content you're serving is the content that will attract the like-minded. But the count of like-minded people will eventually end. Target a greater audience, and for that, you need to increase the variety and widen your mind to let other forms of creativity enter your mind and push you out of your comfort zone.

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Just like a shop runs as per the liking of the customers, Instagram works according to what you serve people's feed with, and how often you do it. Instagram reaches people with what they like, and for you to increase your reach, creating content that is both good and regular is of vital importance.

The Instagram algorithm always targets the kind of content viewers like on their feed and watch regularly. If you are a regular user, it's obvious that your feed is filled with the type of content you view regularly. Scrolling through the feed, you might have also discovered some content creators, which you did not know of before, some accounts which have reached a certain level of reach in a really short span of time. Ever wondered what is that factor that regularly appears on your feed and the feed of other like-minded people? That factor apparently, has been sitting right under your nose all this time, and yes, it is nothing else but consistency.

Being consistent with what you post, using the hashtags that people follow, and maintaining your regularity are the factors that will give you a place in people's feed, and you will hopefully catch their eye.

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With online creators such as artists, it is really important to check your insights frequently, and know what grabs the attention of the audience, and what demands your attention.

The Instagram algorithm also monitors your analytics, the increase or decrease in the reach of your posts, and henceforth, the inclining or declining graph of viewer's interest. People may like your posts, but they share and save only the content that they find relatable, attractive, something they can try themselves, something that is of use to them, or something they'd want to come back in the future. Well, what better way than tutorials or process videos?

As a user yourself, even you might have noticed how you may like a lot of content but you prefer to share or save the content that is of use to you. If seen currently in 2020, reels are the new feature of Instagram that's grabbing all of the attention. Why not give that a try? It really is not that important to know all the effects and technicalities, what matters is your content, and the mode you choose to present it.

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Building relationships over social media with like-minded accounts, taking those relationships forward in terms of collaborations, tags, inspired works, recreated content with proper credits, and maintaining those professional relations is something that the Instagram algorithm loves immensely.

Instagram prefers and notices the active users, and by active users, we do not refer to how many hours you spend drooling over your feed. Active users, especially creators, are those who know how to build a network of similar accounts, collaborate, maintain good relations and keep the interaction going, thereby giving a boost to other's content and more importantly, giving a boost to their own content by improvising accordingly.

Following a lot of people without knowing what they actually do, without relating with them on a creative level, is something that does not go unnoticed. Instagram does not appreciate such practices, but what it does notice, is how reasonable you are with the ones you interact with, how relevant are the accounts you do follow. That is why, it is necessary to choose the people you follow wisely, with reasonable observations, and with the ability to interact.

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If you are of the mindset that people will keep being interested in your content just because you are talented, just because they like what you do, you are wrong. Virtually, it is not just about what people follow, it is about the content that people would love to follow if they already haven't, the content that they wouldn't want to miss.

After a certain point, people's minds find the content that grabs their interest, in which they have something to say, something they might be able to relate to, or something that brings them new content so that they don't get bored. Even this, has not gone unobserved from Instagram's eagle eye. Engaging your community is what it takes to maintain and increase the interest level, eventually increasing the engagement. Posting stories where people can interact with you, where people can contribute their thoughts, where people can give their creativity a chance too, is something that gets highly appreciated.

A place where people do not just see your creativity but can give inputs as well, where people themselves feel a sense of recognition, is the place people would want to come back to. Build that place for yourself. Post stories, maybe a Q/A session, some advice that comes in handy, pictures and videos through which people may interact with you. That way, you will not just build the quantity of your audience, but the quality that will, ultimately, matter the most.


Wishing you a 'creative escape' ahead

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