Learning to Paint a Watercolor Landscape

Updated: Feb 10

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta is a Rad Educator for watercolor landscape

Step 1:

To begin with the sky we have to apply the yellow ochre on the sky and generous blue on the sky that is far from the sun.

Step 2:

Now we need to apply the second layer on the sky and near the building area, we have to add a hint of ultra blue to add some perspective.

Step 3:

At this stage, we have to add a layer of alfresco grey on the road with dry brush techniques.

Step 4:

Here we need to add a mix of ultramarine blue and crimson lake to paint the far away building.

Step 5:

Moving towards the trees. we have to add a sap green and Prussian blue mix. I added some random undefined strokes for the trees.

Step 6:

At this step, I added the nearest building. I wanted the impression of the large unconstructed building without any minute details.

I also added the first application of colors to the cars.

Step 7:

At this stage, I am.concentratimg a bit on the details. We have to add electric poles and some minute but random details to the shops. Also added a few human figures.

Step 8:

we are at the final stage. I have added more details on the street. Painted the hoarding with some bright vermilion hues and gamboge yellow. It instantly adds life to the painting. . I painted the far walkway poles with purple to add depth and perspective.

Step 9:

We are done. I added a few touches of whites. Also added the fence with the white pigment. In the final pic, I have added a few small birds in the sky ...

And that's how the scene looks.

A sunset view on a regular city street. How everyday ordinary things look surreal with the golden light of the sinking sun.

Happy painting.!!!

For more such learning!!

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