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Is Doodling all that easy? Let's find out!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

While talking on call, having a pen and a sheet of paper in front of us is all we need for our restless hands. In a boring lecture, the last pages of our textbooks have endured all our creativity. While lying on the bed idle, we often feel the urge to run our fingers over making random shapes and figures don’t we?

But, is that all doodling is about?

Well, no! There is so much more to the art form, and when we have artistic minds like you, let’s just dive right into the world of doodles!


A doodle is often thought of as senseless, illogical shapes made by an idol mind, but what we seldom realize is that doodling also requires a great deal of focus, creativity, imagination, and patience. It can also be said in a way that a doodle is the kind of art made by a person when their mind is preoccupied. Doodling can also be classified under abstract art, as they often hold some creative representation. After all, it is one’s imagination that is bestowed down upon the sheet of paper; it will hold some value, won’t it?

The word ‘doodle’, originally came to existence to define a fool, or a silly person. It was also meant to define the situation where a person does nothing at all. But it was all till the time we did not recognize the true sense of the art form. In today’s time, doodling is defined as a proper form of art, and why shouldn’t it? Let’s continue reading more about it and you’ll see why it deserves to be regarded as much as another forms of art are.


Doodling is a form of art which is, quite frequently, associated with children and their silly drawings, with unfinished coloring and incomplete lines. A baby’s funny attempt at making shapes and filling them in rainbows is also considered to be a form of doodle. When talking about adults, their doodles are assumed to be drawn out of complete boredom.

Well, it cannot be denied that these drawings are indeed a form of doodle art, but then again, these assumptions are often responsible for limiting the form of art in people’s minds.


A study which was published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, analyzed and proved that doodling is a great way to help a person in improving their memory and maintaining their focus. It is also extremely useful in learning stuff by trying to remember it by random shapes. Deeper learning by visualization not only improves learning capabilities, but improves concentration abilities and accurate analysis tremendously.


Doodling is the new meditation for artists of this generation. Try sitting down one day, breathing, and letting your hand flow randomly on a sheet, for as long as you want, and see how peaceful and wondrous it feels to be in that zone. The science behind this can be defined in brief as this: when your mind is anxious and stressed out, your soul is too restless to not overthink. That is the time when putting your thoughts into beautiful doodles saves you from your turmoil and brings you into the ecstatic creative escape!


· Alexander Pushkin is quite famous for his notebooks, as you might have heard, because of the comical and gleeful doodles made to beautify the margins.

· Ever heard the name of John Keats? Well, you must have, but definitely not as a doodler! In his medical notes, he used to doodle prominently in their margins. Who knew a medical mind could capture this creativity as well?

· We have all been awestruck by the work of the literature world’s prodigy, Sylvia Plath, but what very few are aware about is her solace in doodling as well.

· Some amusing doodle works can also be discovered in the notebooks of the famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci.

· The pride of our country India, Rabindranath Tagore, also doodled profusely, which can be seen in his wonderful manuscripts.


Well, of course you can! Here is a list of career options which are surprisingly, but very closely related to doodle art.

· Graphic designer

· Doodle artist

· Magazine illustrator

· Poetry illustrator

· Tattoo artist

· Wall artist

· Installation artist

· Fashion designing

· Architecture

· Product designing

I wish you know now, when you sit down to doodle, that it is not something senseless, but something with a truly beautiful essence!

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