Painting Roses using Watercolour

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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Megha Kapoor is Rad Educator for Watercolour Florals.


We'll be using the wet-on-wet technique. Start with applying a layer of water to the paper. Don't wet it much, but add a fine layer.


Now, start with the lighter shades. I have started with yellow. I'm not painting the flowers first, but the leaves. The part where we want to paint the flowers is to be kept blank.


Add bluish grey and blue at some places to create depth. Refer the video at the end, to observe the hand movement and strokes that I'm using. You can also try out different strokes to bring out different results.


Add in another layer on the bluish-grey part, this time also mixing a little bit of sap green.

Add more green to give the leafy effect to the leaves.


Now, we start with the flowers. I've used crimson lake or crimson red for the roses. Leave little white spaces in between different petals, as the rose petals are arranged. After a few secs add a second layer. The inner portion would be darker than the outer.


Paint all the flowers and then add more leaves using sap green in the background. To add shadow in the flowers and leaves; use burnt sienna and violet, and voila, your masterpiece is ready.

Try it yourself and be proud of your floral masterpiece.


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