Oh hello creative people !

Your creative mind got curious about us ?

We are Rad Art Media - A Creative Escape. A platform for all things creative, to feed your hunger for creativity and artistic endeavors. Art is something that lets you breathe a different kind of happiness. 

And, to experience this happiness forever, we founded Rad Art Media on January 1, 2020. Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. And, to help you explore the artistic interests, we have various Art Events - from drawing and painting workshops, to art exhibitions, art fairs and art shows, to art contests and competitions. If you want to host your own event, we can assist you in that too.  

The more art you create, the more lives you impact. So, if you are looking to organise your own art workshop or put up an art exhibition or an art show - we are here to help you. From helping you choose the perfect venue to the best dates, from managing and marketing, we take care of all your needs. Head to our Services section to know how we can help you.

Are you an artist struggling to manage projects and build an identity ? We have got you covered. Our experienced Artist Management Team will cater to all your requirements. 

Already have your own Art Venture or want to promote your Art Exhibition ? We do featured blogs too. 


It is through Art and Art only, that we can realise our potential to the maximum perfection; it is through Art and Art only that we learn to love and live life. Rad Art Media is here to nurture your creative instincts and help you discover the artist in you to its true capability. 





Our Team

Let me introduce you to the people who put their brains and hearts into making of this platform. 

Radhika Randad
Krishna Rathi
Creative Director

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