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Let's talk about art, shall we?

Art is not just strokes on a canvas; it's the heartbeat of expression, the soulful melody of ideas, and the rebellious brushstroke that says, "Arrey bhai, let's break free from the mundane!" At Rad Art Media, we're not just about selling paint; we're here to give your art the tadka it deserves, turning it into a revolution that screams, "Wah, kya art hai!" 

In a world filled with paperwork and chai breaks, art is the masala in our daily routine. It's the rebellion against sameness, the vibrant celebration of our diverse culture. Imagine a world without the bold strokes of MF Husain or the intricate details of Raja Ravi Varma, the flow of a Van Gogh or the thought-provoking chaos of a Picasso. Boring, na? Supporting and uplifting artists isn't just about generosity; it's a shout-out to the colours that make the world so beautiful.

Now, if you're still reading, you're probably an artist with dreams bigger than a Bollywood blockbuster. And guess what? We're here to make sure your art doesn't just make waves in your neighborhood but ripples across the art scene globally.

So, you want to be more than just a starving artist surviving on instant noodles? Welcome to Rad Art Media, where we've mastered the art of making art profitable. Hosting exhibitions? Check. Connecting you with galleries? Double-check. Building a personal brand that doesn't scream "sellout"? Triple-check. We've got your back, and we promise, no sellout vibes here—just a sprinkle of commercial success without compromising your artistic integrity.

And because we're not just about making you famous, we've got Rad Art Academy, an online hub of wisdom where you can learn the fine art of art marketing, curation, and even art writing. Because let's face it, the world needs more artists who can write more than just illegible signatures.

If you're tired of talking to your canvas and want some real human interaction, check out Rad Art Experiences. Artist meetups, art tours, and studio visits that aren't as formal as a Diwali function at your aunt's place. We're here to create an art scene that's as vibrant as Holi but without the water balloons.

So, if you're ready to turn your art into a statement and your career into a masterpiece, join us. In a nutshell, Rad Art Media is not just your neighborhood art club; we are your artist BFF - your accountability partner, here to make your creative journey a breeze by connecting the dots between your art, your identity as an artist, and your audience.

From the Founder's Desk

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Radhika Randad

Creative Visionary Officer, Rad Art Media

The most important thing to do as an artist is to step out of your comfort zone - not just in terms of creating art; but also in the way of how you perceive your career as an artist. 

The age-old saying that - artists struggle their entire life - can only be changed if artists themselves change the way they envison their identity. 

The times are changing, we now live in a digital, rapidly-changing world, the time has come for people to see artists in a different light and not mere painters. 

Rad Art Media was started with the purpose to aid artists to cope up with the fast-pacing technologies and shifting economies. We are here, so artists can find 'a creative escape' in their studio yet have a global identity created without having to go through the cumbersome challenges that require a lot of time, effort and skill. 

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