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Oh hello creative people !
Curious to know What, Why and Who we Are?

We are Rad Art Media - a creative escape. A digital agency for the fine art community to aid artists with marketing, management, event facilitation, website development, features & PR, copywriting, blog writing and more. Art skills are not the only requirement to become a successful professional artist in the digital, rapid and global market.

As James W. says " An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision". The prime focus of an artist is always to create Art and to manage the rest we are here. Art is something that lets you breathe a different kind of happiness. And, to experience this happiness forever, we founded Rad Art Media on January 1, 2020. Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. 

We are a helping hand that extends, so that you reach your goals faster. We provide Group Art Consultancy and Individual Art Consultancy. By understanding the tips and tricks for marketing, technical and legal aspects from the viewpoint of an artist, greatly impacts how the art career molds in. 

Are you an artist struggling to manage projects and build an identity?  If you are looking for someone to not just guide and assist you, but to make your work easier by handling most of the tasks and giving you more free time and space to create art and climb the ladder of success, our Artist Management services can cater your requirements. We create a customised strategy and plan for each artist. 

The more art you create, the more lives you impact. So, if you are looking to organise an Art Exhibition, Workshop or any other Event; drop us a message and we can collaborate. Head to our Services section to know how we can help you.  


Through Art and Art only, we can realize our potential to the maximum perfection; it is through Art and Art only that we learn to love and live life. Rad Art Media is here to nurture your creative instincts and help you discover the artist in you to its true capability.

Wishing you 'a creative escape'.

Stay Rad !

From the Founder's Desk

TOI Artmosphere.png

Radhika Randad

Founder and CEO, Rad Art Media

The most important thing to do as an artist is to step out of your comfort zone - not just in terms of creating art; but also in the way of how you perceive your career as an artist. 

The age-old saying that - artists struggle their entire life - can only be changed if artists themselves change the way they envison their identity. 

The times are changing, we now live in a digital, rapidly-changing world, the time has come for people to see artists in a different light and not mere painters. 

Rad Art Media was started with the purpose to aid artists to cope up with the fast-pacing technologies and shifting economies. We are here, so artists can find 'a creative escape' in their studio yet have a global identity created without having to go through the cumbersome challenges that require a lot of time, effort and skill. 

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