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Management is not about selecting the best ideas; 
but it is to create a system that allows the best ideas to emerge.

Do you believe in the potential of your ideas? Of your Art? 


Fear the everyday digital trends eating up your ideas? 

Do you wish to focus on developing ideas and creating art rather than keeping up with the social world? Are you someone who knows the path to success but need a firm hand to lead you through the steps? 

ARTIST MANAGEMENT is our one-of-its-kind service for exclusive artists to step up and reach the globe. 


  • You send us a proposal requesting the services you wish to opt for. 

  • Our team sets up a Kick-Starter meeting. 

  • We discuss your goals and see if both of us are fit to work with each other. 

  • We send you a detailed proposal that entails a strategy and action plan with a customised quote to suit your needs the best. 

  • Upon your approval and payment confirmation, we start working together. 


  • A custom package is prepared for every artist as everyone has a unique approach, style and goals. 

  • The package includes Social Media Management, Features and PR, Reaching out to Art Galleries, Marketing Strategy and Brand-building, Email Marketing, etc based on your requirements. 

  • The package is a mix of the required services charged on an average monthly.


  • The package starts from INR 10000/- per month or above. 

  • The package is customised for every artist. 

  • This service needs to have opted for a minimum of 6 months. 

Feel free to connect with us on +91 93091-82483 to understand how we can serve you better.

We would be happy to answer any/all of your queries in the kick-start meeting before we create a plan for you. 

Request a Proposal
Select the services you are interested in

Thankyou for choosing to be a Rad Artist.

We'll connect with you shortly.

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