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National Art Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso

Rings a bell? No? How about Pablo Picasso? Yes, I am sure you know this man for there’s no one in the field of Art who wouldn’t have heard of him. Such is his legacy. Anyways, why are we even talking about him today out of the blue? It was on this day that the great artist Pablo Picasso was born and in his honour, this day is celebrated as the National Art Day.


A masterpiece is created when an artist pours out their heart and soul into it. It is seldom that someone sees the expression in it and those who see it loud and clear are art-lovers, and for others, it’s merely a normal thing. National Art Day is celebrated to honour the great artist Picasso by recognising and appreciating artists around the world. Artists in various fields - a painter, a musician, a sculptor, writer, actor, dancer, photographers and many more!


Art is so dynamic and has the power to fill voids. It takes something special for someone to be an artist for only those who inspire and get inspired can become one. This day, 25th of October every year is observed as National Art Day in memory of the great artist Picasso.

As a memory, let’s just get to know him better and of course! His work.

Picasso is considered one of the greatest painters of all times. There are several reasons for this. While the major one is because of the style, he developed over a period of time for his paintings. He was only nine years old when he first did his first ever painting. It was ‘Le Picador’, a painting that showed a man riding a horse in a field of a bullfight.

His paintings were often realistic and to explain that, one of the best works of his is Science and Charity. This classic piece was one of his best contributions to art. While he later did realise that every painter had to develop a distinctive style, Picasso never stepped back from experimenting on new techniques and exploring various styles of different eras.

During the Blue Period, he created one of the best masterpieces that are called The Tragedy. Though he still was working on realistic paintings, he did experiment with background and keeping the painting monotone.

The major setback and turn around of events both happened at once for Pablo Picasso in the year 1914. It was at this time when he created the most famous Demoiselles d'Avignon. This piece was criticised majorly that Picasso had to put it away for two years. But when people saw it again for the first time, their perspectives changed. The painting is inspired by different cultures belonging to Egypt, Greek and Africa and so on. It was the time of cubism, and this masterpiece is till date regarded as one of the best and most loved paintings for it showed human bodies like never before.

Like this, Picasso did many more wonders. He was never afraid of taking inspiration. He often researched and created exemplary artwork though he was often criticised for copying or borrowing ideas.

What makes him a great artist is that though he created many abstracts, the figures in it were solid and identifiable. The composition in his work is extraordinary that it makes sure the viewer does not miss an element of the painting. Like any other person, he often took inspiration from his life - what he loves, what he hates and his deepest fears. Picasso was art himself. He was born to be an artist for the first-ever words that he ever spoke as a toddler was ‘Pencil’.

And that’s another reason why National Art Day is observed in his memory for he is excellent and exemplary. Not that any of this generation can certify, he has been one of the most headstrong and experimental artists.

So, as a part of National Art day, what do you think you can do to appreciate and celebrate artists? Here’s a quick to-do to make the best of National Art Day!

  • Find local artists and support them by buying their work and encouraging them to do more.

  • Go to a local artist and converse with them to understand what is their work like this makes them feel valued.

  • Give credits on your social media platform to those local artists so people can know about them and their talent.

  • Meet a community of artists, share and discuss your work with them and get inspired.

  • Watch some documentary on great artists or read a book or two about someone.

  • Find an art gallery, visit the place and do nothing but silently appreciate and admire the work.

  • Send out cards and handwritten appreciation letters to your friends who are artists to bring a spark in their day.

  • Get your hands to some work and take inspiration and re-create it!

What do you think? How else should we celebrate National Art Day? Let me know in the comments section below.

Also, how did you like the blog? I am sure you would’ve learnt something new today! Pour in your views as well in the comments!

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