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Easy Instagram Hacks for Artists

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

With the use of social media platforms increasing everyday, we are introduced to a wide window of opportunities that push us to extend our efforts to reach audiences. Also, the realisation of good content creators that add value is changing the way people use social media. And, for art, Instagram has emerged as the the leading vantage to manifest our creation and put it before a global audience.

But the challenge lies in beating the algorithm and fast-paced trends. So, we have complied tried and tested hacks to grow as an artist on Instagram -

1) Mark your Impression

The integral part in drawing attention is the visual content. Have a pattern of writing caption, or adding your signature - it sets you apart from the crowd and helps to build identity. At the same time, it leaves a lasting impact when you are following a certain pattern.

2) Build Engagement

Consistency in posts is a sure way to build good audience. But, you also need to engage with your audience. Reply to all comments as soon as you can. Immediate reply helps the viewer to remember your name.

At the same time, comment on other art posts as well. When promoting a new post on story, instead of just adding - New Post, Like and Share; ask your audience what they liked about it. You can also share about the challenges you had, or something new that you learnt in the process.

Sharing progress shots helps your followers understand your style, and it reduces the unfollow rate. The 'Ask Me Anything' feature is the best way to get interactive and maintain a connection.

3) Share works of other Artists

Share work of your favourite artists on your story. While sharing, tag them. It is important to Tag, so that the respective artist knows that you have shared their work and can add it to his/her story as well. Don't just aimlessly share works of artists who have a good number of followers, but art that you actually like. Say it in your story why and what you like about the artwork.

4) Competitions and Contests

Participate in competitions and contests often. It gives you a good exposure to add to your skills and followers both. You can also plan on conducting a giveaway from your account. Collaborate to conduct competitions or giveaways, it has better results than solo giveaways.

5) Collaborations

We can't stress enough on this. Collaborate with not just other artists, but art communities as well. Collaborations can be in the form of artworks, hosting a contest/workshop, IG story takeovers, fun challenges, IG live, etc. You can get as creative as you wish to collaborate with others. You may collaborate with a writer or a photographer as well.

6) Hashtags

Hashtags are important and needs to be used carefully. Every account works differently, the audience is different; so if a particular set of hashtag works for them doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. The more you experiment the more you'll understand this. After posting, check individual post insights, to see the number of impressions that you get from. Identify where your post has maximum visibility and work accordingly. Use hastags in stories to increase reach. You can use upto 10 hashtags in IG story and upto 30 hashtags in IG post.

7) Location Feature

If you wish to target an audience in specific region, use 'location' feature. Use this feature, not just in posts, but also in IG stories to increase reach. By using location your post/story becomes visible under that location as well, helping you reach a wider audience.

7) Analyse

This is the most important thing to do. Check your insights regularly. Understand what kind of posts are more liked, when is your audience more active, where is your audience located and what age-group it is. Check the reach, impressions, likes, shares, website visits for every post. And, plan your next posts accordingly. Post when your audience is mainly active. Check insights of individual posts as well.

8) IG Features

Instagram has a lot more features. Create a 'POLL' or take a 'QUIZ'. Use the 'COUNTDOWN' feature to build excitement for something special. Share 'MEMORIES'. Update your 'HIGHLIGHTS' from time to time. Add 'MUSIC' to add feel to your work. Be active on 'STORIES'.

Rome was not build in a day, neither can your Instagram account. A good Instagram account is a result of efforts repeated day in and day out consistently.

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