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Top 10 Websites to Sell Art Online

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It is not difficult to create good art but getting the right value for your art is one of the toughest tasks an artist faces in this creative world. However, with the advancement in technology and commerce, websites have eliminated borders and created a global audience at the tip of our fingertips. All you need is the knowledge of the platform that suits you the best according to your art style and preferences.

Check the list of top websites that help you promote and sell your art, to get a better understanding of what each platform has to offer.

No membership fees neither commission. Artpal is a popular, FREE platform to buy art or sell art. You have the option to sell originals or prints. They also have an option of Print-On-Demand, which is perfect for artists of all kinds. An added advantage is that they guide artists for marketing and sales. It's quick and easy, so create your account today !

Be it painting, prints, merchandise or workshop - you can sell everything here. But with all the perks, an artist needs to pay registration and membership fees, commission and shipping charges. Artists here enjoy a global audience and is an Indian Startup founded in 2015.

With a total of 65'000+ artists across the globe, Saatchi Art is one of the most preferred platform to sell art online. But, its not just limited to this, but they also organise Art Fairs, Curator Groups, and Promote Artists. With the experience and expertise of their art curators, they have made a mark of their own in the world of Art.

Do you feel that putting together and maintaining an online art shop is too much for you ? Do you need assistance in marketing, designing or setting up your shop ? From designing to creating the listings, we can do it for you. Avail our services of building an online shop at INR 3000/- only today.

Get your Art printed on mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, posters, framed prints. Create your own merchandise through your art and sell directly from your website. Print-On-Demand service guarantees no wastage and pure profits from selling your art online on different merchandise.

This website gives you three different ways to earn money by selling your Art here - Art Rentals, Art Sales and Art Commissions. They have strong connections with interiors, architects and builders giving them an upper edge over their competitors.

This e-commerce giant has a continuous traffic and a customer base like none other. Create your Amazon Seller Account, upload pictures, add descriptions and get going. This is the easiest way to sell your Art, though Amazon charges a small fee for its services.

Another well-known portal to sell not just paintings but all things creative. Start your own Etsy shop and sell prints, originals or merchandise. You need to become their member and get verified before you can start selling on Etsy. They have a genuine art-loving consumer base.

Create your own online shop on Shopify to sell your art or prints. If you make little decor items, then this is the best place for you to be. Select a plan that suits you, create a theme, upload products and start selling. You can also download their app for additional features and ease of service.

Very similar to Etsy and Society6, Redbubble is an Australian based art selling website that caters to all your artistic needs. They have minimum profit margins and you can sell art - original and prints. They also have an option of merchandising to get your art printed on t-shirts, bags, mugs and other apparel and products.

You just have to upload high resolution photographs of your paintings, Society6 takes care of invoice generation, payment processing, packaging and shipping. Join this website today and start selling your art and prints in various forms.

With so many options around, are you confused about picking the best one for you ? Worry not, book a consultancy call with us today, only for INR 500/- and we'll help you pick the best platform understanding your art style and scope of selling.

With so much happening in the art world, it is really difficult to make your mark and survive here. With more and more people considering art as their full-time profession, the one with a good network and absolute original creativity wins the game. For more and more people, getting a word out, about their artwork and selling and promoting artists still remains one of the biggest challenges.

Start selling art through one of these portals, or if you are still confused, contact our team at Rad Art Media - a creative escape to help you with Artist Management Services.

'a creative escape' ensured.

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