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Instagram Reel Ideas for Artists

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It's been a while since Tit-Tok was banned and Instagram came up with the new (you get the pun) Reels feature.

In the social stage of Instagram, as performers, now you have the load of a new trend to keep up with, and that is none other than Instagram Reels ! With the new trend already pacing up and demanding that we make more Reels, it is somewhere becoming a struggle to manage the sudden pressure, but here, we have the perfect solution you need.

Read these tips that introduce you into this world of reels, and to mix - match it with your own style !


Reels are really short clips, they last for around thirty seconds, and what you show in the first five seconds, should be attractive enough to let the viewer stay, and complete in itself even in such a short span of time. By using the brilliant effects of Instagram reels, be it the filters or the transitions, you can make a really simple clip appealing. What you can also do, is record tiny clips of your artwork while it is in the making, edit and compile the clips together and end it with the completion of your work, showing how it turned out.

While you are working on a painting, take boomerangs or short hands free videos and save them. Compile these together to make a quick Reel.


The best filter you can use for your content, is sunlight. That's right, no matter how you light up your room, nothing better than the sun rays to glow up your work. Reels are of a really short span, so a few seconds are all that you have got! Not only for photography, you can even use sunlight with a lot more other effects including patterns for it to pass through, showcasing some of your best works laid out, shown along the best suitable musical tracks.


The best thing an artist can do is help others to discover the artist in themselves. Don't you find an artwork that looks too difficult to make but then, when you see the process of it being made, you realize that you can make it too? That's exactly what you need to do - tutorial videos. But wait, tutorial videos within fifteen or twenty seconds? Now that's a challenge, and you can live up to it. Time lapse videos, fast forwarding, or showing the step by step clips and merge it together to make a video of these few seconds, and voila! You have an amazing reel ready.


A beginner artist, for example, craves for little pieces of guidance and holds on to them, where as a budding artist needs tips and tricks to improvise their work more and more, a professional artist on the other hand, loves to give that guidance notice when you can use their help and give your art work some finishing touches. All this, becomes really really important when you talk about the art tools you use. From different sized and shaped brushes to the type of hair of those same brushes, from the different brands of colors and paints to the thickness and quality of sheets to be used, every tiny detail holds so much importance, and can work as a great help for so many.


DIY videos, that is Do - It - Yourself are one of the most common, preferable, interesting and engaging videos, the kind that you save especially to go back to it again and try out your hand at it as well. Well, as an artist, there are a few tips and knacks that make it a lot easier to make something. Using little clips to show those tricks others might not know of, can be really useful. Also, a lot of handy material and ordinary things can be turned into something creative, objects that are not of any use anymore can be turned into beautiful items of decor, all it needs is a little touch of magic, and here, all it needs is a camera to record it! So let your creativity out and let the DIY reels have a place on your feed.


Know the peaceful feeling when your paints drip out on canvas and move smoothly along with the movement of your brushes? Yes, that looks peaceful on camera as well. Prefer making something minimal, and even if you don't, record the clips of paint dripping and moving along your brushes especially when you paint on canvases. Peeling off the masking tapes too, you would agree, is really satisfying, so why not include that into your reel as well? An extremely important thing to remember, not just with this, but with all the other tips and ideas, is to choose the music track that is not too loud for the mind, that it goes well with the transitions you use, and that it relates with what you showcase.

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