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Art Journaling and its benefits

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


You might have heard a lot about written journals that writers have, and maintain them regularly. What you might not have heard about are art journals, which are not so common, but deeply interesting and intriguing.

An art journal usually includes a series of illustrations with quotations, done by pencils, colors, sketches, paints or any medium and material you want. Art journaling, just like writing a journal, frees you of all the boundaries, rules and techniques you need to follow. It just allows you to be free, and paint your heart out on the pages with all the hues and shades you love.

It is not really necessary to include quotations in the art journals, all that's necessary is for your emotions to flow limitlessly and create art that deeply touches your soul.

In an art journal, there is no technique, no barrier, no way or specified sense in which one needs to create. It represents the true, raw and unfiltered soul of art, and a lot of times, even poetry. It does not even matter if you are a professional artist or if you possess artistic hands, all you need is a mind that possesses emotions and a heart that sets them free through the magic of your hands.


An art journal is mainly made in an A4 or A5 sized diary/notebook that may be ruled or unruled. The quality of papers depends on what you are interested in doing. High quality paper is preferred while using paints, watercolors and acrylic colors. Even canvas sheets can be used for paints because they are better at absorbing. Cartridge paper and ivory sheets can be used as well so that the paper does not tear up or get mushy or soggy. For sketching, a perfectly simple sheet of good quality can be used.


Well, there seem to be a lot of similarities between the two, but no, art journaling is not the same as abstract art at all. Art journaling can include anything, yes, but that doe not mean it can hold the essence of abstract art.

Art journaling can be random scribbling, any floral or geometrical drawings, illustrations and patterns, quotations, stamps, thread painting or anything, which can or cannot hold any meaningful context or explanation.


  • Art journaling is something which is even done as a practice or art therapy. It has proven to be extremely therapeutic, relieving and satisfying for a large number of people in habit of maintaining an art journal.

  • Art journaling on a regular basis lets you flow out your emotions with ease. It helps you overcome the obstacles in your mind, allows you to paint your heart out.

  • It gives your thoughts an expression, almost feels like meditation. Something one cannot express through voice can be expressed through words, something that cannot be expressed as profound sounds can be expressed through the flow of paints.

  • Art journaling allows you to draw, paint or sketch the way you prefer, it does not restrict you with any details, technicalities, rules or boundations. It allows you to develop a habit, come in a routine and maintain the discipline. It also inculcates in you the quality of appreciating the beauty of imperfections through the medium of art.

  • Art journaling is a very personal thing to do. Letting your emotions loose on paper, allowing them to adapt colors and hues is something, that metaphorically gives a different insight to oneself into their own life, a positive perspective, an outlook on emotional balance and a support, an assurance of having something to pour your heart into.

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