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Sunrise Acrylic Painting

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Prajakta Bhosale is Rad Educator for Charcoal Sketching.

Materials Required:-

1) Acrylic Paint

2) Flat brush, thin brush and a round brush

3) Canvas

Step 1:

We will begin with painting the sky. Mix ultramarine blue with white and paint the upper third part of the canvas. Use the shading technique, to add effect.

Step 2 :

To get the sunrise effect, add yellow and then slowly orange after the blue. Mix a little bit of crimson red and orange with white to get the peachy shade. Keep on painting till you cover two-thirds of the canvas.

Step 3:

After the peach, add tinge of violet mixed with white to compete the sky. After that we add a base layer for the ground using sap green, lemon yellow and white. Lastly add a portion of burnt sienna or blackish brown to your base layer.

Step 4:

Now, we start with the grass. For this, take a round brush. The stroke should start from outward to inward or downside to up, so that it is thin at the upper tip. Make sure they are not very long. Cover the green and brown portion with strokes for grass.

Step 5:

Next are the flowers. Now using medium yellow, yellow ochre, and burnt amber and white draw the petals. Place the flowers at little distance from each other. First paint the white petals using short strokes. Then, to make the center portion, paint a yellow dot - add other shades of yellow.

Step 6:

Using shades of sap green, black and hooker green colour, draw the land, it is shaped like a mountain. Add different shades to make different portions and show depth.

Step 7:

Now, we'll add effects to the sky. Using a dry brush technique, add another layer to the first base to paint the clouds, where we had painted bluish white before. Using the same colour, and thick strokes with dry brush technique, paint the clouds over the yellow and orange part.

Step 8:

To paint the sun, we start by painting a circle of white. Now, using lemon yellow on a round brush, add horizontal strokes to make the sunrays. Add a little bit of peach to bring the effect of sunrise.

Step 9:

Adding more flowers. Draw petals using ultramarine blue, white, and yellow on the green part. Draw stems using green and pollen grains with yellow colour.

Step 10 :

Add finishing touches to the flowers, stems and sky. Add a flower if required.

Check this video for detailed tutorial -

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