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Creativity without a strategy is called 'art'. Creativity with a strategy becomes a 'brand'.

M F Hussain and Raza or Van Gogh and Leonardo or Frida and Amrita were not mere artists. They are brands - pioneers in revolutionising the world with their art. They had a strategy that helped them rise above their contemporaries and influence the world. Their art has the power to be remembered forever. They were artists, the world seeks inspiration from. 

Creating great art is not just enough to be a 'brand'. You need something extra - Rad Art Media is that extra.    

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Rembrandt was an innovator not only in painting but also in commerce. He helped establish a full-fledged art in the seventeenth century, Amsterdam. Rembrandt's obsession with the intricacies of the market system permeated his life and his work.

- John McMillan, Economist

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