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Liam Kumawat : Born to be an Artist

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

I’m in 9th grade currently, and it is just the beginning of my Art Career. Though I found my interest in Art at the age of four, I was not aware of all the opportunities I could get as an artist. It was my fourth birthday when one of my friends gifted me a set of sketch pens, and it changed my life forever. The sketch pens were soon replaced with brushes, fuelled with imagination, and a will to learn, I kept practicing Art. There is so much to learn in the art world that I’m exploring every day. With each day, I find myself more and more connected to the world of Art.

I am a kid who is known as an artist throughout his school. My school Art Teacher has been my biggest supporter, motivator, and critic. He is the one who taught me all the basics, encouraged my creative skills, and pushed me to do better. Mr. Kishor Sinh Rathod, the Art Teacher at Poddar International School, Ahmedabad is the man behind my everyday art practice. His trust in me to be able to pursue Art and paint every day; no matter what is the reason why I see myself growing each day. Apart from him, I’ve taken workshops from some of the eminent watercolor artists – Mr. Millind Mullick, Mr. Prafull Sawant, and Mr. Bipin Dave. I’m highly influenced by Millind Sir’s Watercolour books and practice a lot from them.

A small drawing contest organized by Tata Motors in my locality also encouraged my interest in Art. Thereon, I participated in many Art Competitions and have a fair share of being a winner. Through it all, I kept improving every day with guidance from my art teacher and being consistent at my practice. I developed a penchant for watercolors with Millind Sir’s books. Currently, I’m working and developing my own style in Watercolours. My favorite subjects include fishes and landscapes, but I love to draw animals and objects too. Betta Fishes are my most loved and appreciated paintings

on social media.

Last year, in December 2019 I participated in Tulika Art Exhibition in Ahemdabad. The reviews and appreciation I got for my paintings is a treasure for me. My experience at the art fair has been an important lesson in my art journey. Recently, my painting has been selected for the International Watercolour Society (IWS), Poland Exhibition. This is a stepping stone to my career in art. It is said, it easy to participate in an exhibition but very difficult to create your identity there. I’m happy that a lot of visitors appreciated my work and art-style and this encourages me to create even more art.

Art Exhibitions happen once in a while. But, the love I receive every day on social media is

irreplaceable. Be it a comment or a message; I’ve got really kind followers who keep on showering love on each of my artwork. Being an inspiration for someone or making their day with my art, I consider is my real achievement. They keep me going. Truth be said, they inspire me to bring better each day.

As the tradition goes, there have been a few people discouraging me to follow my passion and instead focus only on academics and studies. But, with support from my family and teachers I’ve learned to ignore them and put full focus on improving my art skills. I realize the risk and struggles associated with the life of an artist, and I’m also aware of the dynamic, rapid changes of the Art World, but the potential that an artist has is like none other. Creativity is limitless, and so are the opportunities; only if you find your focus and give your heart to it.

Art Styles have evolved over time. Art cannot be separated from humanity. Art grows as humanity grows. And, it will continue to do so. Art has, and will always adapt to the changing interests of the world’s needs. Consider yourself as the most creative being, and keep on exploring the potential of the Art World. Art gives you the power to be positive about the future. Never be discouraged, keep creating and you’ll find peace of mind.

To know more about the artist, click here for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Pooja Issrani
Pooja Issrani
Aug 08, 2020

Keep going Liam... Such wonderful pieces of Art... awesome work boy.

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