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Urban Sketchers Pune Sketch Fest 2022 - A visitor's view through the lens of Namrata

Just a beautifully pleasant day!!! I randomly decided to visit this event- Urban sketchers Pune Sketch fest which was a three-day event at St.Vincents School, Pune! Centre of the city! I am not much into landscape paintings but I wanted to explore this! There were pre-registered artists for various workshops and demos arranged in three days span from early morning sketch walks in Pune city at various locations to evening walks too. These sketch walks were led by one artist who would teach and guide the other participant artists at the location-Plein air paintings!

The school has a beautiful old vintage vibe, as I entered, the school playground had various groups sitting at various locations. Each group had one Urban Sketchers' Artist from a different state doing their demo Plein air artworks! I walked through each group to see different works and school kids sitting with their art books in hand along with their school drawing teacher what a site to see!

One group had a Watercolour demo, while another had a perspective study demo and so on... a few art enthusiasts asked too were sitting alone under big banyan trees and enjoying their alone time-sketching Plein air! I saw a mother-daughter duo too, painting and sitting under a tree! That's how an artist grows- right from childhood.

The exhibition was arranged inside the school premises hall of beautiful artworks painted as Plein air paintings at various Pune locations every Sunday morning! Such a treat to watch these paintings -if you are a Punekar!! The paintings had all the spectacular architectural sites of Pune - Savitrabai Phule Pune University, Main Mandai (market), Council hall, Shaniwarvada, Ferguson college main building etc, there were paintings of local markets and streets of Pune too- Tulsibaugh, Peth areas of Pune, FC road, ABC chowk and so many more. If you are a Punekar, you will surely get the vibes there! Few artists also had their printed merchandise for sale with their works on it- Cups/calendars/stamps/sketchbooks. I also bought a pack of Canson sheets from Sitaram Stationers! Also, Art Lounge had its stall too at the exhibition!

Guess what, I had been alone at the exhibition, but the world is small I met my Mummy's office friend there randomly, and then we tuned in well. No no, wait a sec .. the world is very small.. I bumped into my other friend whom I met at an NGO event - Pratik who is extremely good at urban sketching and talented!!! What a day!!

A day full of knowledge, artwork and meeting people. It was a must-visit event, I will look forward to the next edition and also register for the amazing workshops I missed attending this year.

Namrata Bagwe-Salian Narrations By Namrata

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