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Tao Art Gallery opens new exhibition with an Artist Trio

Updated: May 20

The Spaces and Places of Comfort and Catharsis - in this latest exhibition by Tao Art Gallery, the works of artists Bharti Verma, Vipul Prajapati and Sayantani Bhowmick are for display. This resplendent show is curated by Sanjana Shah, the creative Director at Tao Art Gallery. With its preview on July 30th, this show will be open for public viewing daily till September 4th 2022 during the gallery hours.

The artist’s mind is a wonder: encompassing the ability to create whole new worlds of imagination using limited data. This show displays the everyday places and spaces experienced by the artist and the conversion of it into visuals with infinite potential interpretations for the viewer.

This transformation of the mundane into profound is what characterizes the works of the three artists brought together. Our ways of seeing are challenged and the familiar is made new and exciting again! Bhartti Verma holds on to the idea of her dream city, converting the congested landscape of Delhi into a mystical one through her perspective. Vipul Prajapati takes grimy shipyards and other seemingly dull personal spaces of solace and presents them as majestic, full of charm and hidden stories. Sayantani Bhowmick turns everyday animals and things into curious satirical or surreal subjects, with the aim to inspire others to connect uniquely with the world around them. The common thread in all is the ability to take the limited and turn it into eternal! The techniques explored vary from Acrylic to Mixed Media on Canvas, with the artist letting the concept flow through the best medium of communication.

The goal of all art ultimately is to open up minds and challenge perspectives. It shows one the power of imagination and the beauty that this world holds if only we allow ourselves to see it differently! In times like now, with the prevailing chaos and continuing tumultuous moods, it seems almost essential for us to gain such an escape and rediscover the beauty in the small, often underestimated things around us.

Tao Art Gallery is one of the leading art galleries in Mumbai and India. With every exhibition it has brought in a finer perspective to viewing and collecting art. With an experience of more than 20 years, Tao is ready to welcome you to an art treat with this show.


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