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"Exploring Artistic Diversity: Highlights from Delhi's Vibrant Art Exhibition Scene"

The forthcoming exhibition, "Mythic Miniatures," featuring the works of Mahaveer Swami at the Inherited Art Forum in Lado Sarai from January 24th to February 26th, 2024, promises a journey into the captivating realm of traditional Indian painting.

Born in the culturally vibrant city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, Mahaveer Swami emerges as a luminary in the revival of the esteemed Bikaner School of Painting. His artistic journey, nurtured initially at home and later refined through formal education at the Rajasthan School of Art in Jaipur, reflects a profound dedication to mastering the Traditional Style of Paintings under the tutelage of his mentor, Shri Vedpal Sharma “Bannu.” Swami's artistic oeuvre stands out amidst traditional painters due to his remarkable prowess in drawing and painting, coupled with an innate ability to discern the sublime from the mundane. While he exhibits a flawless ability to replicate the works of other masters, Swami's true passion lies in charting new territories of artistic exploration, infusing his creations with a fresh perspective rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian Mythology, the sacred lives of holy individuals, and the quotidian experiences of Indian women.

The Inherited Arts Forum (IAF), a collaborative initiative between Exhibit 320 & Blueprint12, serves as a beacon for the preservation and promotion of traditional Indian arts. Spearheaded by Rasika Kajaria, Mandira Lamba, and Ridhi Bhalla, IAF embarks on a noble mission to provide a formal platform for the presentation and celebration of folk and tribal art forms, which not only exude exotic beauty but also carry profound historical significance. Through exhibitions featuring Master folk artists and their apprentices, IAF showcases the dynamic evolution of traditional folk art, where superior craftsmanship converges with contemporary expressions, forging a timeless dialogue between tradition and innovation. As IAF transitions into a physical gallery space, it emerges as a sanctuary devoted to the preservation, appreciation, and promotion of Folk & Tribal art, offering visitors a mesmerizing journey through the artistic expressions that encapsulate the stories, rituals, and heritage of diverse cultures and communities across the nation.

The Indian Ceramics Triennale "Common Ground" at Arthshila, New Delhi, is a testament to the convergence of diverse perspectives, narratives, and artistic expressions within the realm of contemporary ceramics. This second edition of the Triennale, running from January 19 to March 31, 2024, offers a captivating exploration of clay-centric projects presented by over 60 artists from 12 countries.

Under the theme "Common Ground," the Triennale invites viewers to engage with artworks that transcend boundaries, challenging conventional notions and fostering inclusivity.

Through a curated selection of 34 projects, visitors are immersed in a dialogue that navigates the intersections of landscapes, identities, and histories embedded in clay.

Accompanying the exhibition are a series of dynamic programs, including symposium sessions, artist demonstrations, curated films, workshops, and artist lectures. Notable speakers from around the world, such as Elaine Henry, Andrew Burton, Shanshank Nimkar, and Dr. Pheroza Godrej, contribute to a comprehensive discourse on the significance of ceramics in contemporary art practices.

Parallel exhibitions, including "In Transit" and "Clay in Common," further enrich the artistic landscape, showcasing the diversity and creativity of ceramic artists globally.

The Triennale's programming at Arthshila and Sanskriti Kendra offers visitors an immersive experience, inviting them to participate in performances, film screenings, curator-led walks, and workshops, fostering a deeper understanding of the craft and its cultural significance.

Through its thematic exploration and diverse programming, the Indian Ceramics Triennale "Common Ground" serves as a platform for critical dialogue, celebration, and reflection, reaffirming ceramics' enduring relevance in contemporary artistic discourse. Here are condensed artist for the Common Ground 2024 exhibition Abir Patwardhan Pune-based multidisciplinary artist fascinated by nature, known for sculpture, painting, and theater design. Andrew Burton & Lilian Nabulime Collaborative duo exploring marginalized artisanal work in Africa, focusing on social sculpture and wood carving. Ankon Mitra & Revati Jayakrishnan  Mitra, internationally acclaimed fold artist, and Jayakrishnan, ceramics specialist and educator, collaborating on innovative projects. Asish Chowdhury Kolkata-based ceramics artist exploring social upheaval and architecture through clay narratives. Astha Butail Delhi-based artist exploring ancient archiving methods and oral traditions, connecting ethnography with contemporary art.

Awdhesh Tamrakar Baroda-trained sculptor known for his solo exhibitions and group projects addressing societal concerns. Birender Kumar Yadav Indian contemporary artist rooted in ironworking heritage, exhibiting globally with a focus on working-class culture. Chinnagama Project Indian anagama firing exploration led by Peter

Thompson and Ray Meeker, fostering international collaboration. Copper Sounds  Artist duo exploring sound through traditional and contemporary ceramic processes, emphasizing experimentation. Creative Dignity Collaborative network empowering Indian handmade sector, focusing on craft practices as models for

climate crisis mitigation. Deepak Kumar Delhi-based artist addressing urban growth's environmental impact through painting, recipient of national awards. Dhruvi Acharya Mumbai-based painter exploring urban women's psychological and emotional experiences. Efrat Eyal Ceramics artist and art therapist reassembling historical art and ceramic conventions in contemporary contexts. Eliza Au Canadian ceramic artist creating installations showcased internationally, currently teaching in Texas. Heidi McKenzie Toronto-based ceramic artist exploring ancestry and race through photography and digital media. Hermannsburg Potters Western Aranda artists from Australia creating ceramic pots reflecting Indigenous cultural beliefs and experiences. Kate Roberts American clay artist creating large-scale ceramic installations exhibited globally, currently teaching in Memphis.

Kavita Pandya Ganguly  Vadodara-trained ceramic artist specializing in Japanese surface technique, exhibiting in various art shows. Kushala Vora Interdisciplinary artist focusing on community organizing and sustainable practices, exhibited internationally. Lola Ben-Alon, Penmai Chongtoua & Sasha Fishman Brother-artists exploring cultural and material relations through interdisciplinary collaborations. Mansimran Singh & Kishori Lal Mansimran, Indian studio potter with a legacy, known for his contributions to Indian pottery. Om Prakash Galav Rajasthan-based potter known for crafting both smallest and giant terracotta artifacts, recipient of national and international awards. Oxana Geets  Russian-born ceramic artist and doll designer, recently returned to ceramics after focusing on doll design. Parag Tandel Mumbai-based auto-ethnographic artist focusing on the fisherfolk community's history and identity. Prithwiraj Mali West Bengal-born artist exploring regional socio-political aspects through humorous artworks, now based in Vadodara. Rita Badilla-Gudiño Philippines-based ceramic artist and educator known for her innovative kiln art, internationally recognized.

Roy Maayan & Erez Maayan Israeli brother-artists exploring cultural relations and material encounters through interdisciplinary collaborations. Shraddha Joshi Mumbai-based ceramic artist known for her geometric patterns and spatial explorations, currently teaching at an architecture academy. Smogware Rotterdam-based collective exploring air quality awareness through art, collaborating with design and research teams. Tej Gavankar Mumbai-based artist specializing in drawings and spatial interventions, currently teaching at an architecture academy. Vinita Mungi Mumbai-based artist exploring relationships between bodies and objects, informed by Post-colonial feminist perspectives. Yeesookyung Seoul-based artist known for diverse artistic spectrum, exploring fundamental human questions through various mediums. Yulia Repina Russian-born ceramic artist based in Munich, known for international exhibitions and collaborations with tech enthusiasts.

 From traditional pottery techniques to cutting-edge digital explorations, each artist brings a unique perspective and mastery of their craft to the table.

Throughout the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich narratives and innovative approaches showcased by these artists. From the exploration of cultural heritage to the examination of social and environmental issues, their work invites us to reflect on the world around us and our place within it.


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