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Latitude 28 presents group show 'Inscape: In Search of a Place' at The Bikaner House New Delhi

Latitude 28 proudly unveils "Inscapes: In Search of a Place," curated by Premjish Achari, gracing Bikaner House, New Delhi, from December 18th to December 24th, 2023. This exhibition transcends conventional landscapes, becoming internal gateways. It navigates the intricate tapestry of human emotion and imagination, revealing landscapes not as singular entities but textured mosaics. Join us on a curatorial voyage, rediscovering contemporary engagement with landscapes, delving into the profound depths of the artist's inner self, drawing inspiration from the emotional landscapes of Sangam poetry.

Bhavna Kakar, Founder-Director of LATITUDE 28 said , Landscapes, a cornerstone in artistic history, have evolved into a pivotal genre. Despite being commonly misconceived as a monolithic practice, the diverse expressions within this genre reflect its heterogeneity. This prompts a curatorial reexamination to grasp the contemporary artistic engagement with landscapes. Contrary to viewing landscapes solely as external representations, this exhibition embraces the curatorial concept of "inscape," portraying them as expressions of artistic interiority. Inspired by the classical Sangam poetic tradition, it invites viewers on a curated odyssey, where landscapes transform into portals revealing the intricate connection between external vistas and internal musings.

Embark on an immersive odyssey with "Inscapes: In Search of a Place," where landscapes transcend mere backdrops to become internal gateways. Through these portals, immerse yourself in a captivating tapestry of human emotion and imagination, spiraling through the intricate depths of the soul's desires and fears.

Landscape, a powerful backdrop in the tales woven by brilliant artists across civilizations, reveals itself in this exhibition not as a singular entity but as a mosaic of textured terrain—a symphony of colors, brushstrokes, and residues of drawings. This curated voyage is a rediscovery of contemporary engagement with landscapes, transcending traditional depictions. In the realm of "inscapes," nature manifests as the artist's inner self, drawing inspiration from the poetic traditions of Sangam.

Infinite landscapes, preserved in strokes and pixels, invite viewers to witness an evolution of artistic expression. Beyond the visual lies the essence of the artist's interiority—a symbiotic dance between external vistas and internal musings. Psychogeographic techniques immerse us in the intricate maze of urban consciousness, unraveling concealed stories as artists navigate cityscapes. Mapping landscapes and cultural identities prompts contemplation on the intersection of geography and culture, with artists serving as cartographers capturing both physical and intangible aspects of shared traditions.

Intricate atmospheric masterpieces transport you to emotive realms where the air thrums with the essence of nature. Beyond visuals, they immerse you in a sensorial journey, each stroke creating an environment echoing the emotional pulse of the Earth.

This exhibition is a sublime exploration, a search for hidden stories within landscapes. Through diverse media and perspectives, it invites us to traverse boundaries of traditional depictions, discovering our shared connection to the land—an enchanting mystery that binds us together in

the vast tapestry of our collective existence.

An impressive array of artists Abhay Bhalla, Anupama Alias , Arindam Manna , Atul Bhalla ,Basist Kumar ,Chandan Bez Baruah , Divya Singh , Ganesh Haloi , Gigi Scaria | Hemangini

Maharaul , Iranna G.R. , Jagannath Panda , Josh P. S. , Mansoor Mansoori ,

Paramjit Singh , Pranay Dutta , Ranbir Kaleka , Ritaben Ghosh , Sareena Khemka ,

Shaji Appukuttan , Shalina Vichitra , Sibdas Sengupta , Sudhir Patwardhan , Sujith

S.N. , Sumantra Sengupta , Vasudha Thozhur , Vibha Galhotra , Vinod Balak ,

Waswo X. Waswo , Unnikrishnan C , Shubham Kumar , Madhurjya Dey will participate in the upcoming exhibition "Inscapes: In Search of a Place."

Event Details :Preview date: 18th December 2023,
 Monday Time: 6 - 9 pm
 Exhibition Dates: 19th December 2023 to 24th December 2023
 Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Venue: CCA, First Floor, Bikaner House

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