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One unread message!!! mobile beeps!!

In life, opportunities come walking towards you, it's rightly said! Opened the message, and it said "MUMBAI ART FAIR" In bold letters.

Looking for someone to share a 3-metre Rad Art Media.

Confused and anxious as to whether to grab this opportunity or just scroll away from the message sending a smiley emoticon.. The universe conspires when you work hard and dream of achieving something!

A few months back I had come across the Mumbai Art Fair exhibition advertisement, and saw their official page to realize the cost for a single booth was far away from "MY" budget! Yes, you read it right-my budget which I earned from my previous painting orders. I had cancelled the plan of exhibiting my work but had postponed it for next 2023! But the universe had some other plans- I booked the booth! as the message said- looking for someone to share the booth- share the rental into halves! Ta-da! It fitted into my budget! Bookings went smoothly with help of Radhika from Rad Art Media.

But Still, in dilemma as to whether am I doing right? Or is it the right time to participate? What if I won't be able to? What if there are no sales? Is investing such a big amount at this stage of my career a good choice? I still don't have answers for a few of these questions... but let's give it a try! If not today then when?

Now that I booked the booth, here came the part of deciding the theme of the paintings, the layout of the paintings, the sizes of the artworks, the media of work, marketing of the exhibition, the printing of flyers, and so many new things to do along with painting work! Right from buying new art supplies in big quantities as per the size of work, contacting a few local art stores for the best rates and good quality products in Pune so my clients receive the best paintings. Radhika was guiding me throughout all this.

While working with the paintings, I took full freedom to experiment with each artwork- stretched my own canvases, decided on colour themes, combined abstract and realistic styles together, played around with colours, drawing grid free sketches, kept the brush strokes loose and visible and not restricting myself, unlike commissioned works! I thoroughly enjoy the process of painting each piece - freedom with each brush stroke. The colour scheme I chose is bright and fresh- as it represents India. My love for portrait painting, to narrate a story through my artworks was given 100% preference. Seeing my painting with fresh eyes every morning helped me refine the details and give it a finishing touch.

Along with art exhibition bookings came Art Exhibition Marketing and branding. Rad Art Media helped me design the flyer, invitations, designing my visiting cards, various ideas for marketing the MAF exhibition on Instagram/Facebook, everything was handled by Radhika with so much patience! Hush, a sigh of relief...! Tough task for me to manage all this without her help, so much knowledge!

After the Art Exhibition booth booking, came Travel+Stay expenses, Exhibition being in Mumbai and me staying at Pune! Booked a room within 3-4kms from the venue, so travelling daily for three days won't be an issue. We booked a cab from Pune to Mumbai, as I cannot drive a car and we have to carry our paintings safely well wrapped intact! So, bus/train was never an option. All this fitting into my budget, glad! So, participating in an Art Exhibition is all fancy and exciting but a lot of expenses go into it along with your painting hard work. After all, it's one of those right investments an artist should do for her/his Art Business growth and expansion..just like any other business investment.

As the exhibition date is nearing, the to-do list hanging on my board is being ticked daily, so now you know you have to make one too...

Ahh! Yes! Your family's support is all that you need at this time-few good words of encouragement and their understanding. Special thanks to my partner for his immense help , support and understanding right from the beginning of my art career, the world needs more people like you!! Excited and nervous for the upcoming exhibition for three days- 28th 29th & 30th October 2022 at Nehru Art Centre Worli Mumbai...

All of you are invited.

Lets do it.......👍

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