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Guide to Organising an Art Exhibition

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The dream of every artist is to put the best exhibition one can. But, as an individual, all the planning and marketing looks very over-whelming. So, to make it simpler for you, we've created a step-by-step easy manual for you to organise your own art exhibition.

Conceptualizing a Theme

Pick up a theme which reflects your artistic vision. Theme should be a combination of something you are good at and is not common in the art world. Make sure each artwork has a uniqueness of its own, but when kept together complements each other.

Selecting the Artwork

Choose around 15 to 20 of your best, original artworks. Connect with other artists if you are looking for collaborations. Choose wisely who you collaborate with as it affects your audience as well. Collaboration will not only save your expenses but also give your exhibition a wider spectrum of variations. Exhibit artworks of diverse mediums to give it an alluring look. Try something new and mysterious which would leave people spellbound.

Decide the Date and Venue

Planning an exhibition takes blood, sweat and tears. One needs to go into overdrive and search for the best output ! Save the date nearer to the weekend since most of the people will be looking for 'a creative escape'.

For the venue you can either go for an art gallery or exhibit in a restaurant, cafe or some co-working space. Understand the type of audience you are targetting and which places they are likely to visit. Make sure your artwork is under the spotlight and looks captivating.

Pricing your Artwork

Many times the biggest challenge is how to price our paintings. Price should balance out the seller's and buyer's will. Think about your expertise and experience, the cost of money involved, and your willingness to sell.


Make sure to use digital and print media both. Print banners and share in groups across different social media sites. The posters, and invites should go as per your artwork theme. Hire professionals, if need be. It helps you focus on the quality of artwork, and additionally there are experts handling the job for you. Invite artist friends and keep an interesting activity like a demo or art-talk.

To learn the different tricks to market your art on Instagram, check this.

During the exhibition hire some volunteers for assistance. Engage with people. Make new contacts. Offer them some refreshments and arrange for light music. Put up a review box or board so that you get to know how well it went.

Be aware of agents, verify before you pay someone !

An exhibition is an important step in an art career,

make sure your exhibition leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

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