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How to Start an Art Gallery ?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Have you visited an art gallery and wondered if someday you could own one too ? For an artist, one of the biggest dreams is to have their art gallery set up. Art Gallery - Just the words send a rush down your bloodstream, it feels so humongous to be talked about, doesn't it? For a person who feels deeply connected to art, it is a feeling so surreal, so beautiful, it hardly feels like reality. But here, right here, you need a reality check as well. Setting up an art gallery is not a piece of cake.

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Here is an easy guide for you to read before planning to set up your art gallery, so grab your pens, and take notes !


This is so vital to know about. Setting up an art gallery is not just about the artistic perspective, half of the side to it is the financial perspective.

First things first (if you got it) is the "funding!"

It is extremely important to know the sources from where you'd get the funding to set up for your art gallery to meet the desired outlook - In India, people in real estate or jewellery business have a keen interest in Art and are ready to finance your love for Art. Make sure you approach them with a good proposal and have a strategy in place.

The second thing to keep in mind is the process of commission and sales, the margins, and the network you would work in to give your art gallery a constant boost. Study what are the other galleries offering, check with the legal system in your country. Don't forget to understand the various taxes and interest rates.

Also, collaboration with other galleries is something that helps promote the financial perspective even more vividly.

Having a corner for Art books and Magazines might fetch you a passive income. Here's something you can get started with - Top 10 books every artist should be acquainted with , do tell us how many you've read them !


No, this is not some rocket science being talked about. By this, we mean to say that you need to notice how other art galleries work, which are the art galleries you are attracted by, and what is that one key factor common in all of them that you missed noticing - is it the ambience, or the reviews of the curators, what is the kind of crowd walking in and out of the Art Gallery ? Take note of every little detail. All this cannot just be maintained by you. You need a strong team to back you up.

Every art gallery you like to visit has its aura and a different vibe. Understand how the staff there works. Having a well-trained staff can be a key-factor in the footfall of your Art Gallery. Take a tour with different Art Galleries and keep the interaction going.


Your art gallery will not just be a place to display art, it will be the place your art breathes in, the place the artist in you comes alive in, the place that not just inspires but makes the air in it inspirational. Design your art gallery, make it into an artistic space, and no, designing does not always mean spending on unnecessary, expensive decor. Wake the creativity up in your artistic mind. The tiniest of stones and the roughest of straws can make the most beautiful decor, the cheapest of ropes and recycled plastic bottles may give your space the perfect sparkle of magic, who knows?

The idea is to make your art gallery into something people find their calm in, the colors, tones, and shades which fit exactly to please the eye. One most important factor is the lighting - the appeal of an artwork changes completely when placed under different lights and angles. Study about this or hire a professional to get this done !

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Building your network as an artist is also something so prominent when it comes to setting

up your art gallery. It's always better to know some crucial aspects rather than experimenting with something as delicate as this. In contact with other art galleries, people with the same mindsets, similar agenda, and the ones you can collaborate with in a very authentic way are just the pinch of salt you would need in this recipe of art. This helps you maintain necessary contacts and makes the path less foggy, lesser confusing, lesser vision blur, and easier to reach the destination.

One very important set of people are the Art Curators, Art Consultants and Agents. Knowing one good art curator can increase your reach by 5 times. Reach out to them, invite them to your space and get things going !

Interiors, Architects, Builders and people from the real estate can also change the entire scenario for you. They are the ones who'll bring buyers for you - your darling audience.

Last but most important, not to forget are the people from the media - the reporters, editors and journalists are the ones who'll present the image of your audience before the world. Give them a tour and check if they can write an article about you. This will not only boost your Art Gallery but also the artists you work with, indirectly bringing in more business.

If you need a blog or an article or a listing for your Art Gallery, Studio or Artwork in general, you can always reach out to us at and we would love to visit you and write a review for your Art Gallery or Studio.


In these times, there are relatively higher chances of people getting to know you through social media and not through your physical presence. Well, the same goes for your art gallery. Everything now, being online, even run businesses through the approach.

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The cafeterias you get to know about, the opening of new centers, and the brand-new trends you need to follow - don't you get to know about them through your cell phones? It is important to build the same approach for your art gallery too. Make it easy enough to be discovered, and attractive enough to give people just the slice they'd want to come for again.

Social Media is something even 14 year olds can handle, but it takes a deeper understanding and expert hand to build a strong brand identity and loyal followers. If you are looking for someone, to help you create a marketing strategy for one of your exhibitions or your art gallery in general, you can always count on us ! Our expert team of professionals, will create a budget-friendly social media marketing strategy that can bring out the best of you before the world.

Are you all ready to start your Art Gallery ? If there's anything specific you are looking at, do connect with us to give you a head start !

Wishing you a creative escape ahead !

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