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How to develop Your Art Style ?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Firstly, let me start with what it means when we talk about having your own unique artistic style. When a particular piece of artwork reminds you of a certain artist or when you can relate the work with that artist or vice versa, that is called the unique artistic style.

Well, let me elaborate on it a little. When we talk about Claude Monet, the first thing that comes in our mind is his water lilies, the harmony of colors, the impressionistic bold strokes. If I talk about someone from our era, being a watercolorist, I would like to sight an example of the works by Alvaro Castagnet, the living legend of the Watercolor medium. His works speak loud about having an extraordinary unique art style. His bold strokes, use of dark intense pigments, manipulation of light, his super impressionistic approach toward Firs, his subjects, makes him unique.

Now the question is, how to find your own style in art ?

Building your own style over a period of time definitely comes from your years of practice and experience, your skill and understanding towards your subject and medium, and how you evolved as an artist over the period of time. Everything matters. Forcing yourself to achieve a certain style can be frustrating and can deprive you of happiness after the creation. If you are a beginner and you are struggling to find your style I will ask you to observe what kind of work of others artists make you feel inspired, what kind of subject motivates you, what are the colors that attract your mind. Observe your palette, what are the pigments you mostly use.

Do not force yourself, let it happen organically. But you need to remember being a beginner your end goal should be learning and learning and learning. You should be focused more on brushing up your skill, learning new techniques and you should be happy while doing this. In painting or for that matter in any form of art the best comes out when you work with certain kinds of freedom, follow your passion and listen to your heart. Another important thing is you must be consistent in what you are doing. After a few years of dedicated practice, you will observe that you have started taking unique decisions for your painting. All of these things will sum up your unique style eventually.

Another surprise is that your style will evolve with time. The more you enrich yourself with experience, the more is it going to have a direct effect on your style. So never block yourself or refrain yourself from trying something new. It is not that you are losing your style, it is called evolving your style.

Do not fear to try new things and never be stagnant. Keep learning. In the world of creativity, it is always an evolution from good to better, better to best and the process is never-ending. And the secret of evolution is a constant inspiration. Yes, you heard that right. Your unique artistic style can be influenced and inspired by other artists. But you need to understand that this is a completely different approach than copying other artist's work. Copying is not a crime.

It is perhaps one of the best methods to learn new skills and to understand your love for a certain kind of style. But, when I say, getting inspired by the style of work of other artists I mean a completely different approach. It is more of studying the work. What you like in their work, their approach towards the subject: is it hyper-realistic, is it impressionistic or completely abstract. If their style of approach towards their subject motivates you then it could mean that you might like that style and have a room for yourself to transform the style in your own way.

You can try the same subject and try to be creative in the composition and handling the subject. Do not be scared to implement your own thoughts to the painting. Most of the time we feel stagnant because we are scared to try new things. It could be the use of a bold new pigment or different brush strokes or you can try an entirely different palette than what you use. You can try the same subject as your idol artist but you can try it in your way without having any hesitation. Two things are possible, either you will be more confident and gain experience or you will learn from your mistakes. If you are not happy, pen down what are the things that did not work for you. Is it the skill? Or the thought process?

A vision is very important. It is almost like behind the scene work of the painting. It may sound a little funny but 90 per cent of the composition I do, is in my mind. I choose my subject and think a lot about it. I give it a day or more than that. I don't just pick up my brush until my thoughts are gathered. I know what exactly is it that I want. Once you do more than a few creative compositions, observe them, study them there lies the key to your foes.

So keep on splashing your colors, let your brushes stroke by on the canvas, let it happen organically with the years of experience, learning, and put your observation in it. Finding your own unique style is great but evolving every day as an artist is way greater.

Happy painting!

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