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Impact of art on your mental health

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


Pablo Picasso rightly said, '' Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ''

Our mental health is greatly affected not only by what we do on our lives, but also by every little thing happening around us. Very few realize that things happening around us might have a lasting impact on us, intentionally or unintentionally, on our subconscious. This is the time when art comes to our rescue and helps us find our creative escape!


Art therapy, also known as expressive therapy, can be explained as the therapeutic way of putting art into use, to relieve one's anxiety, stress and depression. Even in disorders like post-traumatic-stress-disorder, and some phobias, art therapy is a wonderful aid. It helps one discover parts of one's psyche and subconscious that were not easily accessible. In the present times, even neuroscience is being closely related to art and its therapeutic qualities.

The person can use products that please his mind, like paints, sketches, pencils, chalks, markers and many others. They can be asked to let their emotions flow out on the paper, or to create a painting that defines their disorder, a sketch they will never want anyone to see, make an emotional wheel, and it goes on and on.

Art therapists utilize a variety of means to encourage patients in verbalizing, feeling and expressing the trauma and grief of past experiences. They target at reducing and making the symptoms of various disorders considerably less severe.

Conclusion of a study done in 2017 proved that art which was shown in hospitals helped a great deal in syncing the place into a secure-feeling environment.



With flowing, dripping paints, one can feel freedom and peace of mind to an

exponential level. Here, art therapists can encourage these feelings of emotions

by suggesting prompts which you can relate with. Having a blank canvas in front

of you, paints right beside, and the freedom to create whatever in the world you

want, is undeniably therapeutic.


This is a process where pictures and photos that inspire you, arouse emotions in

you, make you feel different than usual, are chosen and stuck together, This

activity really opens so many doors to your creative side that you may explore.

It can also be compared to a vision board, where in you make it as per the life you

desire, of goals and dreams


The people who do not discover their solace in colors and paints, might find it in

photography. Clicking pictures of beautiful places, surreal sunrises, sunsets,

mystical nights, nature, or product photography is extremely satisfying and puts

your mind to ease.


Physical challenges are factors which might stop you from choosing pencils or

colors, but can never stop you from falling in love with so many more forms of art!

Art therapy also includes using textiles, toys or miniature products to encourage

artistic expression.


  • Scientific researches and evidence prove that art helps to generate and improve brain function to a great extent. Cerebral waves and patterns are quite vulnerable to art and art therapies, hence, are very closely related.

  • It is very essential for schools to include art in their curriculum, as art has an overall positive effect on academic performance of a child.

  • Emotional balance is highly benefited with the help of exploring artistic sides to one's soul.

  • Art is not only the result of your conscious efforts, but is also exceedingly related to your subconscious. It stimulates feelings and emotions in you that are genuinely surprising for your brain.

  • Art has also been proven as responsible in improving and increasing blood flow to the brain.


Art therapists are categorized under recreational counselors. They are the ones with a deeper insight into the human brain and psychology. The art therapy sessions and programs are organised, often in large groups of people indulging all of them in therapeutic practices, whereas in some cases, the treatment might be given individually.

To become an art therapist, it is essential for you to be certified professionally and equipped with the knowledge of human psychology, mental disorders, brain functioning , ways of counselling and therapeutic tactics.

Indian International Institute for Art Therapy and Research, Bengaluru, Karnataka, is one of the most renowned institutes for aspiring art therapists. It is dedicated to bring about art therapy as a developing and blooming profession in India.

It is extremely important to take gentle care your mental health, and what better way to do it, dear artists, than art? Go on, pick up your tools and get lost in the artistic depths, your soul needs its food!

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