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Step by Step Guide to Sketching a Glass Bottle

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Heet Bhavsar is Rad Educator for Colour Pencil Sketching.

Step 1: Understand the material and the object you want to draw

The purpose of using a grey-toned sheet for realistic colour pencil work is that it creates a perfect base for light and shadow effects.

For understanding the object, you need to study the material, texture, parts and layers of the object.

The next step after choosing the object is to create a good reference. For this, click multiple pictures of the object from different angles. Change the composition and try several frames. Now, choose the image that shows the best view of the object and has a balanced light and shadow play. Always put a light above the object to get proper highlights and shadows.

Step-by-step painting of a Rose using Acrylic Paints

Step 2: Draw the Object

I use the grid method to draw the object. For this, you need to draw a grid on your reference picture. There are many mobile applications or drawing grid makers that you can use to draw a grid on your reference too.

Grid Method minimises the errors. Count the number of boxes on your reference and draw an equal number of boxes on your drawing sheet. Number the boxes, so it is easy for you to start drawing.

Draw the object by following the boxes.

How To draw a realistic chocolate bar using pencil colours?

Step 3: Initial Stage

Draw a black bottle in the realistic illusion with color pencils.

Fill the area of the bottle with a black colour pencil. Leave the reflection part blank. On the edges, add a layer of white to give it a 3-D effect. For the bottle cap, use a grey and silver pencil. Draw highlights using the white gel pen. Now, sketch the reflection using white, light-blue and light-yellow. Fill the brand name with a white gel pen.

Step 4: Middle Stage

Now, we'll start sketching the label on the glass bottle.

Start by giving a base layer of white and then add grey as required. Observe the highlight, it should be having a tinge of yellow; add more of it.

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Step 5: Final Stage

The final stage is to give a reflection and highlight your object. This is the main thing in glass surface bodies.

Give reflection and highlight by glass marker white gel pen and acrylic paint.

For the shadow, use a graphite or charcoal pencil.

Smoother shadow will depict the depth of field and illusion.

Step by step watercolour painting

See you at the next work, ENJOY!!!!!


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