Step-by-step Autumn Landscape Painting using Acrylic Colours

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Prajakta Bhosale is Rad Educator for Charcoal Sketching.

Materials Required:-

1) Acrylic Paint - white, light blue, black, green, orange, and medium yellow

2) Flat brush, thin brush, and knife palette

3) Canvas

Step 1:

Apply a layer of white paint on the canvas using a flat brush. Add a little blue to give the effect of sky.

Step 2:

Merge the white and blue paint to create the base of your autumn acrylic painting.

Step 3:

Mix white, black, and sky blue colour to create a bluish-grey shade and draw the lines (bark of the trees). Don't overcrowd, compose in a way that there is enough space between the trees. Add branches to the trees. Observe closely, and you'll understand that not all the branches are parallel to each other, this is to give it a natural look and add depth in the painting. I've used the upper one-third of the canvas to draw the trees.

Step 4:

Mix orange and yellow colour, you may add a little bit of white if it is too bright. Use a round brush and add horizontal short strokes one besides the other. Leave a little gap between them, to enhance the beauty of the acrylic painting.

Step 5:

Using black paint, draw a few more trees in the front. The tree in the front will be the darkest and tree at the back will be lighter. Also, leaving the portion for the river, paint the remaining area using random strokes, but in a horizontal direction.

Step 6:

Let the black dry completely. Now, using the palette knife, add horizontal strokes of yellow and orange over the black. Again, ensure that the front part is darker than the part at the back.

Step 7:

Add finishing touches to the branches. Darken them if required. Add sub-branches to it. Use a small brush to draw thin branches. Add a few dried branches on the ground too.

Step 8:

Using brown colour add the reflection of the trees in the river. The reflection is not always straight, as there are ripples in water.

Step 9:

Mix white and light blue colour and using the palette knife, apply the paint of the bark of the trees to highlight them. Do not cover the branches completely. Also, ensure that the highlights are added on the same side of every tree.

Step 10:

Using the palette knife, add strokes of orange to show autumn leaves. Just touch the tip of the knife to the canvas and lift if up, you'll get the effect. Make sure, while you pick colour, it is only on the tip/edge of the knife.

Step 11:

At last, in a similar way add green colour leaves to the autumn landscape painting.

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