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Fun-Facts about Creative People

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Creativity is as fun as it is to criticise and analyse. What does it really mean to be creative? Where does this creativity come from? Is it something you learn or is it genetic? It allows us to do new and exciting new things and step out of our comfort zone and also takes us one step closer to unleashing our full potential.

“From the tortured genius to the disheveled dreamer, assumptions regarding creative thinkers can enlighten the curious mind, but they can also be a negative influence.”

- Jillian Groening

Here’ are fun facts about creative people that are bound to blow your mind and help you understand where your creativity comes from -

1. 72% of people get their creatives in the shower

It is not just a cliché: standing under the shower, letting those streams of water hit you and letting your mind wander makes you come up with new ideas and perspectives, it makes a great incubator for ideas. One such famous person who takes the creative benefit of these long showers is the Academy Award winning director, Woody Allen. A study done in 2014 tell us that 72% respondents reported to having new ideas in the shower.

2. Solitude is where creativity thrives

Constructive internal reflection is something when we are able to engage with our creative self. It is a state of mind crucial to the generation of ideas. When we are alone, we introspect and our brain makes better connections and processes information faster and more efficiently.

3. Curious and the Curiouser

A creative mind is a machine that works non – stop and is fuelled by curiosity and a hunger for new ideas. This can be exhausting but you can’t turn it off when you feel like it, because all those crazy and wacky ideas come from this sleepless brain. The mind is always looking for things to interesting things and it never settles.

4. Challengers

They challenge everything and 2 things are always on their mind – What if? and Why not? Creative people are usually non – conformists and question what everyone takes lightly, they never take anything at the face value. This ability of theirs help then see things that other people may not notice and this thirst of knowledge enables them to redefine things.

5. Realistic Dreamers

The creative ones like to daydream and imagine what wonders lie ahead. They immerse themselves in their dreams and imagination, yet remain grounded. Often called dreamers, they don’t always make castles in the clouds, rather they come up with creative solutions for the problems in the world. They range from artists to musicians to even scientists and tend to create a new reality.

6. Daydreaming is (not) bad

It may seem useless and a waste of time but it actually involves a highly engaged state of mind. It related to our ability of recalling information which may lead to sudden connections, ideas and new insights. According to some studies, neuroscientists also found out that daydreaming is also associated with creativity and imagination.

7. Always on the quest for something new

Creative people love to explore, step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves – and all this leads to an openness which helps them think outside their box. All these aspects and intellectual curiosity is a way to let your inside world meet the outside one.

8. Failure

Creative work often means failing until you find something that is ‘IT’, something that is successful. Even if you fail, do not take it personally, because eventually you will each there and your idea will definitely bring a change. “Resilience is practically a prerequisite for creative success.” (Kaufman)

9. Risk takers

Risk taking is a part of a creative person’s normal life. "There is a deep and meaningful connection between risk taking and creativity and it's one that's often overlooked" quoted Steven Kotler. Creativity is not a job for the timid, it requires building something out of the scratch, you will waste time, money and resources but in the end,

10. Mindfulness

A clear and focused mind is something that is most valued by creative people, because they rely on it to get new ideas and perspectives and to reach new horizons. It is like a tool to help tap into the creative mind. A 2012 Dutch study tells us how meditation can help enhance creativity and are linked to reduction of anxiety and stress and better emotional intelligence amongst others, all of which enhances the ability to think creatively.

Learn to embrace your own messy self and inspire others to do the same. Let the world be your canvas and paint it with the most vibrant colour that you can.

Guest Blog by Ishika Paruthi.

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