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How to Stay Creative ?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Every person is an artist and shows up creativity in some or the other way. At times, we grow and improve our skills with every artwork that we make, but there are also times when we feel our creativity is fading and that gets us worrying. So, what do you do in such cases ? How do you manage to stay creative all the time ? How to improve creativity ?

Here's a list of ways that can help you get your creative juices flowing and keep improving.

  • Master the art of observation.

"Observation is education" as rightly quoted by Jose B. Cabajar. Observing the things around us helps our brain keep the thinking process going on and we stay active always. Observation also helps to ideate and conceptualize paving way to grow our creativity.

  • Practice makes the man perfect

You won't get any better until you try. Spend atleast 7 minutes everyday drawing or sketching. Practicing everyday is essential to learning and mastering new techniques. Refer to a photograph. Ask your friend to become your model. Set a realistic goal to work on particular weaknesses. The more you draw the more confident you will become. Do it until you make it.

  • Join a class

Class will keep you accountable . You will get to learn a lot by simply watching other people doing. Being surrounded by creative people will help you stay creative as well. If your schedules doesn't allow time for a daily class, keep attending workshops and keep learning. Just watching online tutorials won't help, you sometimes need help from an expert to improve creativity.

  • Constructive Criticism

Show your work to people. Different opinions lead to different perspectives. Upload your work on social media. This also helps you to stay motivated to create more art. Take up criticisms constructively. If you're not open to constructive criticism, then you are not open to truly growing as a person.

  • Browse through other's portfolio

The world of creativity is endless. Keep looking for new artists. Visit art exhibitions and shows. Explore work online. Join different groups. Follow art pages. Study famous works. Discuss about your favourite artists and artworks with others.

  • Motivation in the Mail

Subscribe to Art blogs and Youtube Channels. This is your ideas bank to get started with new concepts and know about all that is happening in the creative world. Stay creatively updated always !

  • Experiment

Break the rules, try new things. Experiment and explore. This is how innovation happens and you get creative with ideas. Collaborate with different artists, this is how you learn and grow.

Once you stop learning you start dying ~Albert Einstein.

The secret to staying creative is using the ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way, to create works of art that reflect your soul and heart. And, this only happens when you practice daily, and on repeat. Get a little bit better every single day. Strive for continuous improvement. There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.

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