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Tao Art Gallery and Bougainvillea Gallery come together to showcase textile artist Brinda

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai and Bougainvillea Gallery join hands over a provocative show presenting textile artist Brinda, who has redefined the intersection of art and design through her creative brand Morii. Her passions for textile art and design have provided her with direction, while her unwavering values have established a solid and inspiring ideology.

Previewing at Tao Art Gallery this Saturday, 25th March 2023 (6:30 pm onwards), the show will

be on display until Monday, 10th April 2023. The exhibition celebrates the rich cultural heritage

of embroidery as an artistic technique and a testament to the power of creativity and

community. The show harnesses the visual language of natural elements around us, presenting

dynamic and intricate hand-embroidered pieces. These striking pieces are executed in collaboration with artisans from Bhuj (Rabari embroidery) and Bihar (Sujni embroidery).


Deeply committed to empowering and supporting the crafts communities - particularly women

artisans - Brinda believes in creating positive change in the lives of women skilled in traditional

embroidery styles. Brinda says, “Each piece represents a unique collaboration between myself

and the women artisans who bring my designs to life. Through my art, I aim to create

embroidery that transcends its traditional roots, producing visually striking pieces that embody

the spirit of abstract painting.”

Brinda is a Textile Design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad, known for her intuitive artistic

approach and innovative design sensibility. With a wealth of experience working with craft

communities throughout India, she has redefined the intersection of art and design through her

creative brand, Morii.

With the simple aim of creating embroidery that transcends its traditional roots, Morii produces

visually striking pieces that embody the spirit of abstract painting. She draws inspiration from

natural landscapes - the fluid movements of water, the gentle sway of wind, and the

mesmerizing patterns of ripples and waves. The Still &; Sanguine; stitches the power of minimalism; it expects its viewers to be left with a strong sense of peace and introspection. Eventually, there is an evolution in the stillness and philosophy of the sanguine.

Ishita Parikh, Founder of Bougainvillea Gallery says, “We are delighted to present Morii’s slow-

stitched, conscious storytelling. Enabling Morii to shape this narrative has been a curatorial

pleasure. Our shared ethos of supporting artisans is embodied in this unique show, transcending traditional roots, yet staying grounded in ‘The Still and Sanguine’.”

Sanjana Shah, Creative Director of Tao Art Gallery adds, “Hand embroidery technique has been

a long-standing one in our Indian tradition. Mostly used to create intricate, heavy patterns on

clothing or other interior accessories, and the forms depicted through is a set pattern of motifs.

However, today with the advent of modern machinery, it is slowly a dying art form, and only a

few still understand its true value and take it further. One such brand is Morii, which emphasizes

art through this ‘technique’ (hand embroidery) and connects women artisans to create fluid

abstract landscapes. With this unique collaboration between Brinda’s vision and the women

artisans bringing hand embroidery to life, we see a beautiful narrative of creativity and

community unfold. We are glad to be a part of and have invested in this exciting and artistic

storytelling session ahead.”

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