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Sushmit Kishore : The Miniature Master

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I am pursuing Law but that doesn’t stop me from being an Artist. My interest in art and music probably comes from my parents.

At the age of 3, I started drawing sceneries and animals and my parents understood my liking for art. When in school, nobody knew about my artistic talent. But slowly things changed. In 3rd grade, I got a star for a diagram that I drew. That was my first appreciation. Then in 5th grade, in free period I was drawing randomly which my bench partner showed to the class teacher. I wasn’t good at studies, so my teacher was amazed at my skills. She showed it to my art teacher who asked me to draw it on the board. Then I was recommended to the senior Art teacher of my school and my life took a different turn. I participated in many art competitions and everyone at my school recognised me for my artistic talent. Some of my friends approached me to make sketches. This no doubt gave me an exposure and experience about the art world. But, I was never serious about it then.

In one of the school art competitions, I came 3rd at regional level and received a trophy in High Court. My family was very proud of me. In 2015, my drawing for Road Safety was selected by Delhi Traffic Police Department to be printed on their wall calendar. For this, I received prize money and a shield from Delhi Police Commissioner at India Gate. I still have the prize money framed in my room.

In the same year, I became the Cultural Secretary Head at my school and it helped me improve my skills. At that time, I was more inclined towards music and played guitar in my school band. But then things changed, my love for art grew; but I still couldn’t see it clearly.

After school, I wanted to join the Art Society in Delhi University, but I missed the admission deadline of the art schools and had to take up Law as my father suggested.

It saddened me a bit, but my inclination for art only grew stronger. Also, my desire to be recognized at international level for art grew stronger each day.

In 2016, I drew Zayn Malik and hoped to get a fan art feature on his page. Around September, my friend Anita suggested to draw a promo of Zayn’s song FREEDUN. I sketched it, and Zayn posted my sketch as his Twitter Header. It was unexpected and brought me appreciation from his fans worldwide. People on internet started recognising me. I am fan of Sham and Seher Idrees aka Froggy, the infamous Youtubers of Canada. In 2017, I made a sketch of 42’’x42’’ for them. It took 1 year to complete as I had to manage my studies as well. This sketch is special as lot of times I felt like giving up but the satisfaction I got after completing was unimaginable. I sent that sketching in 2019. It taught me the value of patience.

Fan arts were okay, now I wanted to do something original. I started noting ideas, engaged myself in collaborations and commissions. I am thankful to Wainao, a clothing company in France; collaboration with whom supported me financially.

To be consistent, I started ‘Sunday Sketch by Sushmit Kishore’. It helped me create new content every week. This series helped me create new content every week. This series helped me develop the ‘miniature sketch style’ unique to a very artists worldwide.

Currently, I have to manage my education and my art career both- Initially, my father was reluctant to support my art. But when he saw my dedication and willingness, things changed. I am colour blind, I face a lot of anxiety issues and so I have missed a few opportunities as well. Nevertheless I keep going, I keep hustling and I keep creating.

My sketches are based on four pillars- vision, observation, understanding and patience. You need to have a vision in mind and observe the outside world. Then you need to understand and connect your observations with your vision. And, finally you need the patience to convert your vision into reality. Discipline plays an important role too.

I have a vision to contribute to the field of art in such a way that no parent should ever feel that if their child wants to pursue art, the career is at stake. I want to give parents the confidence that a career in art can fetch a beautiful and successful life. When I make someone stop and stare at art, it is an achievement for me. Art should be a means of transformation not just for the artist but for everyone who sees it.

To connect with the artist on Instagram, click here.

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