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Snapshots of Innocence - a coalescence of art and life

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Art is a way of life and "Snapshots of Innocence" seize the very essence of it. A display of twenty-four unique artworks that binds the sui generis nature of human emotions, Kirthi Shetty showcases her latest work in association with Rad Art Media to fundraise for Cuddles Foundation. This exhibit will be live from November 1 to November 14 2021 and can be viewed here -

"Snapshots of Innocence" is an effort to give life through art that speaks about life. Kirthi perfectly knows how to capture a moment that is gone forever, unable to reproduce. And, in "Snapshots of Innocence" - she has found a way to keep them alive forever. Her way displays a characteristic where one finds calm in the chaos. Most of her themes dwell around the lives of women, where unknowingly you seem to know all her protagonists. A vision that separates the clinched portrayal of women in society, Kirthi's individual pieces are snapshots depicting innocence worth a thousand words, but a memory that is priceless.

Kirthi's works are mainly in ink and calligraphy, decoupage, collage, embroidery and newsprint. Being a trained calligraphist, the scripts she uses hold a deep significance to life and lessons equivocally. Her training in calligraphy and ink has moulded the best of her. She now works in mix-media, entwining her experiences into layers to create a wholesome piece of art, equipoising abstract and reality into one. Her canvas is not a mere piece of paper, but poetry whose syllables are made up of colours of life.

A note from Kirthi -

"I believe in going with the flow; of seeing the unseen and touching the untouched." I don’t go in search of ideas but in forage of experiences. Art is as natural to me as breathing. It is the avenue that keeps me buoyant. And through my art, I envisage keeping my experiences ebullient.

My tryst with art began as a little girl, from watercolour to fabric painting; I endeavoured my heart and set my mind at learning everything possible – an assimilation from the best always. A Philomath by nature, I’ve always loved to learn and pursue from the pick of the best. To date, I continue to get clued up about anything and everything around me.

I avoid Calcification of the truth vehemently these eventually turn into a belief

I want a richness of experience, not just a mere existence

I have lived a protected life not gained experience in many a stratum in life

I want to acquire a richness in texture

I am spiritual by nature

My silence remains with me as a deep substratum to my being

Silence is the music of wisdom

I am slow cause I want to capture everything

Slow is the counter-revolution to our obsession with speed

I set my own speed.

I exist in the world and yet beyond it.

Every year around Children's Day, Kirthi puts up a show as an insignia to express her love towards children from the indigent communities, especially children battling cancer. This year she chose to fundraise for the children at Cuddles Foundation.

Cuddles Foundation is an NGO that aids the food and nutrition requirements of underprivileged children enduring the fight against Cancer. Their vision is to give every child fighting cancer a chance to survive it. They are a child-centric organisation - which means - if faced with a decision between budgets and the survival of a child, they choose the latter, always. They work through partnerships with government and charitable hospitals that treat underprivileged children for cancer. Their nutritionists, trained specifically for paediatric cancer nutrition, are placed in government hospitals and monitor the child’s progress, create diet plans and nutritional charts, counsel their parents and educate them in home-based nutrition. They provide children undergoing treatment with food, hot meals, nutritional supplements and ration baskets as per their requirements so that the kids have the strength to fight their cancer. Food Heals.

Support her as she aims to bring joy to these innocent lives. "Snapshots of Innocence" awaits your presence.

Connect with Kirthi -Website,Instagram

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