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Sakshi Art Gallery exhibits Artist Mrugen Rathod with "Why is it Still Stinking?"

Artist Mrugen Rathod showcases at Sakshi Art Gallery with his exhibition titled "Why is it Still Stinking?". With its preview on April 13th 2023, the show runs till 12th May and will be open for visitors except Sundays at its Mumbai address.

The artist shares, "My practice oscillates between social, political, cultural and ecological concerns, addressing questions of their implications, often manifested in more than one medium including drawings, sculptures, installations, photography and video.

My extensive research based practice has over the years, evolved into two branches; one is what I call 'New Archives' and the other are my interactive, spatial public art projects in multi-media, which are site specific. I often use locally found objects, which are natural, organic, biodegradable and that which have a local identity and meaning. Both these branches are interrelated and talk about my concern of the ecological damage.

My art practice extends beyond the studio. A key focus of my practice brings together my research, my conversations with local communities and related institutions to reveal how the history of a specific ecology has changed over a certain period leading to conflict of the community with its own surroundings and everyday life, destroying the natural and national heritage."

Since 1986, Sakshi Gallery has developed a strong repertoire of Indian and International artists and continues introducing and supporting emerging Indian artists. Sakshi Gallery with a sprawling space of 3000 sq ft spread over two floors is one of the premier galleries of India and is located in the heart of Mumbai's art district in Colaba.

Sakshi Gallery has showcased landmark exhibitions of Indian art all over the world, representing

important Indian artists like Rekha Rodwittiya, Surendran Nair, Jehangir Sabavala, Manjit Bawa,

Manjunath Kamath and others. It has endeavored to develop a strong program, working closely

with important Indian and international artists as well as introducing many emerging ones. It has

held exhibitions of Indian art all over the world and has introduced to the Indian audience work of illustrious international artists such as El Anatsui, Gregory Crewdson and Julian Opie.


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