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Dhaval Khatri : A Unique Artist

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Uttarayan, is the favourite festival of all Gujarathis. We love to fly kites and eat gujiya. While, I was in 9th standard, on the day of Utarayan, I was flying kite on my terrace and somehow touched an electric pole. Due to the electric shock that I received, I fell from my terrace onto the ground, and it resulted in hundreds of injuries all over my body. I lost all hope of opening my eyes ever again, when out of the blue, a doctor was passing the same lane and happened to notice me. He gave me CPR and took me to the hospital where my medications began. I had a surgery almost every day. But, even after all this; I was in a condition, where my hands from the elbows had to be amputated.

It was difficult to imagine life without hands. My mom became my strength during this tough time. She knew I enjoyed art, but never gave time for it. She saw this as an opportunity and bought me papers and pencil to help pass the time. It seemed a miracle, but I learnt to draw, sketch and paint with my elbows, which were my hands now. I practised daily and kept on improving. I wanted to complete schooling, but soon found out that my Principal no longer wanted me. I tried convincing, but was thrown out of my school. The world is full of good and bad people. Another Principal of “The Lotus School” gave me admission. I am grateful I could complete my schooling under him and even opted for college. I was rejected by nearly all fine art colleges in Ahemdabad. I went to art teachers and artists, but everyone focused on my incompetence rather than my ability. I completed my graduation in Commerce, but love for painting grew by leaps and bounds. I got much love and amazing friends during my college time which helped fuel my passion for art and painting.

In 2014, I decided to give my talent a platform and contested in “Entertainment ke liye Kuch bhi Karega”. Subsequently, I also participated in “India’s Got Talent”, “Hindustan ka Big Star” and a lot other TV shows. Recently, I was also invited to “The Kapil Sharma Show”. The amount of love and appreciation that I get spell bounds me always. I am forever grateful for that. Whatever, I have achieved today, it is all because of the love and support I receive from my well-wishers. My biggest well-wisher is my mom, who constantly encourages me to be better in whatever I do. I am most thankful to her and my whole family.

I faced challenges financially and physically, but was determined for my dream. I saw a lot of other people also pushing hard for their dreams irrespective of the challenges in their lives. And, so with a vision to support Artists and Dreams, I began “UniqueArtist Foundation” a NGO to help people around in 2018. Here, we aim to bring the uniqueness out in everyone, as we believe every person is a unique artist. My team and I wish people support us by spreading and sharing about our NGO and our cause.

We need to identify our priority in life and listen to our inner voice to understand our life goals and fulfil them. If you know something is important for you, you don’t give excuses; you find ways to make it happen. Don’t have to trust the lines on our hands, because even people without hands have beautiful destiny. If you do something with utmost dedication and perseverance, then there’s nothing that can stop you from hitting your goals. If you give your hundred percent to developing a skill, that skill in return will bring hundred opportunities for you, you just have to keep believing in yourself and putting your best foot forward.

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Blog written after a brief meeting with the artist.

If you know any more such inspiring artists, we would love to hear their stories !

Till then, #stayrad

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