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10 Movies that will inspire the artist in you

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Want a high dose of inspiration? You're at the perfect destination. Here are 10 brilliant movies that will motivate your artistic soul and you'd fall in love with art more than ever. So, make a list, get ready to binge watch all of these gems, and believe us, they contain a lot more inspiration than you'd ever need!


Who can call themselves an artist and still not be inspired by the great Vincent Van Gogh? This movie, known to be the first fully painted feature film, is animated in oil paintings and focuses on the events and the journey of Vincent Van Gogh's artworks. It also concentrates on the death of the artist, and what unfortunate situations led to the same. The interesting observation a true Vincent Van Gogh admirer will have is that each frame of the movie, every part of it has been depicted in the exact same kind of textures Vincent Van Gogh is known for.


With the aura of the Mexico city and the surroundings that make you dive deep into those years, Frida is the movie depicting the entire life of the artist Frida Kahlo. The artist is well known for her astounding works and breathtaking soulful art, but do you know how controversial her life has been, keeping her art aside? This movie is an insight into the world Frida Kahlo lived in, how she treated the world from her eyes and her heart, and how the world saw her, how the world treated her, as an artist, as a woman, as a person with a fiery passion ans strong, rather contradictory opinions on everything.


Pollock, set in the year 1941, is based on the life of the American artist Jackson Pollock and how his life took transitions very few people know about. It shows what rarely anyone sees - the struggle, the amount of failures and the constant discouragement an artist has to face, both on professional and personal level, before a great masterpiece is made. It shows his life in New York, his everyday struggles, and the transition that made him who he was. This movie lets you know Jackson Pollock on a personal level as well, where you see him more than just an artist.


Beautiful Losers is a documentary film that feature various artists being interviewed on their lives from their own words and how they were affected and inspired by the art around them. Not being related to art traditionally, the artists still manage to leave their mark by their own style of art, each one of it more unique than the other. It includes the lesser known art forms and how artists indulged in them feel about art, like graffiti, skateboarding art, and many more. Concentrating on the lives that never were in the limelight and were still successful in their own ways, it gives you just the right amount of inspiration you need.


Creating the aura of the 1980's, Downtown 81 is based on the life of the artist Jean Michel Basquiat, picturing the time of how art took various forms and was improvised and transformed in those years in New York. Jean Michel Basquiat, not just an artist but also a musician and a poet, inspires uncountable hearts in uncountable ways. From his perspective and yours, this will allow you to take a peek into the life of Jean Michel Basquiat both on a personal and artistic level.


The story is based on the view of art from the eye of an artist, and the view of a person devoid of the knowledge an artist has to have, from the view of a person who has lived a normal ordinary life and has always looked at art superficially. It revolves around a man meeting an artist and being asked to sit down for a portrait. That meeting, that instance gives rise to a new bond, which also gradually turns around the perspective of the man when he is allowed to have an insight into the life of an artist on a much deeper level, letting him see the struggles, the intricacies, the work it requires and on how many different levels.


Another movie about the life of Vincent Van Gogh, it concentrates on the life of the artist and what great level of contribution his brother Theo had in it. Living the everyday struggles and dealing with all the mental pressure, all the external factors making it difficult to cope with his mental health, his brother, who is not in the limelight though, but plays a role as important as Vincent Van Gogh and makes it a mix of contrasting emotions.


Rated amazingly, this is a documentary starring prominent artists like Barnett Newman, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and many more. It is descriptive of the visuals of the museum murals and paintings, and what else is better and more inspirational than the artists themselves talking about the artworks? It revolves around showing the very soul of art in the 20th century and how, through movements, it transformed beautifully. They talk about all you need to know about the 20th century art from artists themselves, from abstract expressionism to pop art, they have it all covered.


Released in the yea 2015 and proved to be an amazing hit amongst the artists, this movie concentrates on the life of a minimalist artist and the journey of her entire life in terms of her art, as she is nearing her one hundredth birthday. Yes, and that's exactly where the title comes from. The artist Carmen Herrera, an abstract painter, makes art her passion and drives herself towards it everyday of her life without giving up. It is an excellent example to show how time does not decide success or failure as one witnesses the artist gaining recognition in her late 90's.


What can we say about this masterpiece? Taare Zameen Par, literally brings stars rolling down from the sky to Ishan's canvas, as he discovers his way out of the chaotic, confusing life he lives with the paint brushes as his saviors. A dyslexic child struggle to cope with the constant budging around him as everyone's unaware and in denial of his mental illness, and his behaviour, being simply judged as mischief, leads him to have a forceful admission in a hostel. Life takes a toll on him, when suddenly, his weak self discovers a support in his new temporary art teacher, who recognizes his illness, and helps him find where his passion actually lies.

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