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Learn to make the realistic nose

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Amit Kumar Meena is a rad educator for charcoal painting

In this tutorial, I've shown how to make a realistic nose using charcoal powder and an eraser as the main tools.

Materials Required:

1) Charcoal powder 2) Camlin soft charcoal pencil 3) Eye shadow makeup brush 4) Eyeliner makeup brush

5) lip filler makeup brush 6) Mono eraser 7) 170 GSM textured drawing paper

8) Kneaded eraser

Step 1:

Take a brush and put a little amount of Charcoal Powder in it.

Step 2:

Spread the charcoal powder using your brushes.

Step 3:

Use erasers to make details. Try to spread powder with as little pressure as possible.

Step 4 :

To make the darker effect, apply more and pressure, and take more charcoal powder in your brushes.

The video is self-explanatory and if you do understand then watch it again.

Important Tip :

The tools I’ve shown are not important, you can choose any similar grade charcoal pencil and charcoal powder which is easily available to you. 

Techniques matter, tools don’t. So, start practicing and practice makes everything possible. 

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