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Top YouTube Channels to learn Art

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The most used resource for learning is indeed youtube. And, in this digital age, more and more artists are creating youtube channels to teach their techniques and tricks. Also, more and more people are turning to Youtube and other online mediums to learn art.

Here, we have curated a list of some of the top Youtube Channels in each category -


Looking for how to learn 3D drawing or trick art ? This channel may fulfill your curiosity. Marcello Barenghi is an exceptional hyperrealism artist with over 23.1 lakh subscribers on YouTube. He uploads a new tutorial every Wednesday, which you wouldn't want to miss.

Ali Haider the owner of this channel and also a self taught artist aims to present amazing sketching hacks to enhance skills through step-by-step tutorials. Here, you'll find various techniques to use graphite, charcoal and colour pencil to bring out the realism and perfection in you.

Darlene Nguyen created this channel to focus on the basics and fundamentals of sketching, rendering and shading. She has lesson wise tutorials here to even help a beginner learn to sketch.

Canvas Painting

To all the newbies in canvas painting, this is unquestionably the best channel where you will find easy hacks to turn your canvas a masterpiece. She has a fun technique, which is very easy to create beautiful pieces. Even a kid would be able to follow her simple technique.

Presenting you a super cool channel with 24.2 lakh subscribers. This is the ultimate place for the ones who wants to master acrylic painting hacks. The tutorials are based on ART therapy techniques helping you to enjoy and stay calm in this quarantine period.

Alika Bhatt aspired to motivate all the art lovers out there. She wanted to help people explore the hidden goodness in them through the magic of colours. Therefore, she introduced the channel 'Goodness in you'. This fun learning channel will surely revive the artist in you.

Watercolour Painting

Noelle Curtis, an extremely skilled artist in watercolor painting has put up the tutorials to upgrade your art skills to the next level. Her colour palette is unique to her and creates a mood of the painting.

Are you awestruck by the texture of watercolor painting and want to learn them but don't know how to? Check out this YouTube channel. Initially, you may find the watercolour paintings difficult but Shiba has surely found the ways to make it simple.

This channel is owned by Maria, a self taught artist based in Los Angeles. She has shared fantastic ideas to help you learn watercolor painting. For real time online classes, you can also reach out the website.

Oil Pastels

This art channel dedicated to oil pastels drawing videos for beginners. The tutorials of channel has taught how to give a soothing texture to your drawings.

Aftab, a self taught artist dedicated to all oil pastels and solve pastels drawing teachers a surprising hacks to take your artwork to the next stage I am sure you would find this extremely helpful.

If you know of any more interesting channels, comment below !

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