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Top Indian NGOs that are making a difference using Art

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Art has the power to heal and change lives forever. The impact Art makes is not just measured by the amount, the artwork got sold for or auctioned at, but rather how many lives it touches, how many thoughts it generates and how many lives it impacts. Art is not just about the beautiful things around us, It is about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are changed.

"Art is when a human tells another human what it is to be a human."

- Adrian Elmer

When we share our art skills with others, we ourselves are bound to grow and learn. Several have realised this and started with art workshops and academies, but only a handful made it possible to reach the underprivileged sections and add colour to life.

Check this list of NGOs that are using art as a medium to change lives and create a difference.

1. Saturday Art Class

Based in Mumbai, this is an initiative started by two friends, Chhavi Khandelwal and Manasi Mehan, which promotes a formally structured art-based curriculum that focuses on social and emotional learning, life skill development and character strengthening among children in government, low-income aided schools, after school programs and shelters. They have impacted more than 5500+ students and engaged with 1000+ volunteers that led to the creation of 4758322+ artworks.

Check out more about Saturday Art Class here.

2. Aravani Art Project

Aravani Art Project is a Women and Trans-Women art collective which involves a collaborative Public art/ wall art project to raise voice and awareness of the friendship between Trans-women and Women in public spaces. Through creative collaborations they are gently reshaping the politics of inclusion and exclusion that surround gender identities. They have done wall art projects across major cities in India and have changed the way artists are perceived.

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