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Rupal Jain : Giving Life to Letters through Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the most intimate, personal and spontaneous form of expression. Like a fingerprint or a voice, it is unique for each person, and that is what makes it special. From the moment the first quill hit the first piece of parchment, humans have been looking for the most beautiful and decorative way to present their writing.

Rupal Jain, with her passion project - The Letter Ink - she is taking it to a higher notch by infusing it with luxury and royal grandeur.

From personalised handwritten letters and notes to engraved perfume bottles, wine glasses or cosmetics; she surely knows how to make your loved ones special. She can literally customise your gifting to the next level with a personalised touch.

Rupal’s journey into the world of Calligraphy started as a hobby that she picked up as a little six year girl. During the pandemic, with time by hand; she took the next big step of making a brand out of her hobby and launched - “The Letter Ink” calligraphy and design studio. They strive to bring back the treasure and love of hand-rendered scripts.

“Give us your words and we frame them into reality” - with this motto they work with retail gifting orders while also creating souvenirs for bulk orders.

A graduate of Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts and Crafts, she has specialised in calligraphy and typography design. To hone her skills, she learnt the intricacies of Calligraphy from mentors with specialised classes for different scripts.

Today, she herself is a mentor and conducts calligraphy workshops for Indian and International students. She has taught over 100+ students, in person and online. She was also a guest lecturer in Pearl academy for educating them about how to create working fonts. When all of this is put together, her experience and expertise is what makes her stand out and deliver top quality calligraphy services to her clientele.

The term calligraphy, or the art of beautiful handwriting, has its roots and origins in many different countries around the world. It’s most commonly associated with China as that’s where it’s believed to have originated, but different forms were created in various countries around the world including Japan, India, Tibet, and Europe.

Although calligraphy has been around in some form for roughly 3,000 years, the word wasn’t used as a distinction until around the mid-15th century after the introduction of printing in Europe. This was when a clear distinction was created between normal handwriting and more elaborate forms of script writing. With more and more people practising Calligraphy- traditional and modern calligraphy started developing. Today, calligraphers around the world work more with Modern Calligraphy.

As for Rupal, she works mainly with the Copperplate Script with her own characteristic twist to it with gold foliage and minimal strokes.

“I am my own inspiration, because I know how it feels to be on the other side of not being financially independent and rely on your family for every small thing. Another thing that really inspires me is definitely my passion, my art towards what I love doing and it sort of is therapeutic in itself. Also, the fact that I love doing what I do, and that love for my work is something that inspires me to do more of it.” - Rupal Jain

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