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How to be an art curator?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Art galleries are the platform for artists through which their work is being acknowledged. The art curator is the administrator of the gallery. In layman's word, an art curator is a professional who manages the ongoing chores of the gallery.

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What does an art curator do?

Art curators can be rightly termed as the visage of the gallery. He is responsible for conducting and organizing exhibitions. A curator is required to be a highly creative being and have a deep understanding of art so as to impart and be an interpreter to the audience. Profound knowledge about historical facts and their significance is a much-needed skill to be an art curator. He is the person in charge to decide and design the outlook of the gallery. A curator can be associated with a museum or work independently. The job of a curator is much beyond what it seems to be. From conducting research on subjects to maintain public relations for publishing, it takes a lot to be an art curator.

Skills required to be an art curator:

An amalgamation of technical analytical communication organizational and business skills is required to turn out to be an art curator. Apart from being creative, he needs to be well versed with marketing managing finances, and effective collaborative skills.

As far as the technical skills are concerned, in the world of Digital Advancement being Tech-savvy is much needed. Learning the whole shebang of marketing with technology helps in the outgrowth. Computer skills for research purposes and updating online portfolios and websites are some of the essential prerequisites in expanding our reach.

The analytical skill forms the basis of this profession. Art curator is required to be efficient in determining the authenticity of the artwork. He needs to be a tactical expert in analyzing the best artwork to invest in. For collaborating and increasing the audience, good social skills are in need. An art curator should be the next visionary entrepreneur who is trained to bring out the best. In another sense, he must be able to manage financial aspects effectively.

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Education qualification:-

Educational qualifications vary as per the stature of the gallery. Smaller galleries may accept bachelor's degrees in art or art history whereas larger galleries require masters or doctorate in art or art history. A degree is not a must, but always an add-on if you have a degree or experience.

Salary of a curator in India:-

The expected pay band of a curator in India is between 15600-39,100 per month.

Famous art curators:-

1) Massimiliano Gioni:- He is an Italian curator and the artistic director at the New Museum and Nicola Trussardi Foundation. He has been the co-curator of the 2003 Venice Biennale. He has also been renowned for being the editor of the Flash Art Magazine.

2) Helen Molesworth: She is an American curator popular for contemporary art She was the Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angles. She is currently a curator in Residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Aspen.

3) Bhavna Kakar: A curator of Delhi's famous Latitude 28 gallery and the editor and publisher of 'TAKE' Art Magazine. In 2017, she was awarded the Art Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Young FICCI ladies organization for her exceptional work in the art field.

4) Vidya Shivadas: She has started her career in 2002 as a curator in Vadehra Art Gallery. Later, she became the curator, founder, and director of the Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art which is an organization providing financial aid to emerging artists. Shivadas was also invited to serve as a guest curator at Devi Art Foundation, India’s first private contemporary art museum.


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