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Gallerie Nvya brings you Cut From The Same Cloth by Seema Kohli.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Seema Kohli, an Indian artist of great repertoire, globally known for her works across the themes of beauty, sensuality, and spirituality leaves no stone unturned for her ongoing exhibition- “Cut from the Same Cloth”. This exhibition is Seema Kholi's return after 13 years. Her narratives intertwine the mystique of beauty & spirituality onto embroidery & canvas, hitting the right node for the viewer. Gallerie Nvya with the support of Raj Art Initiative brings forth 15 of Kohli’s masterpieces in this exhibition, held at Bikaner House, New Delhi. The art exhibition opened doors on July 29th and will be on view till Aug 4th, 2023. With art installations, performances, and a film - this exhibition is an extravagance celebrating Art and Seema Kohli.

Embark on this mesmerizing odyssey with "Cut from the Same Cloth," a profound exploration of self and its cosmic entwinement. Seema Kohli's artistry beckons us to contemplate the elusive boundaries between myth and reality, the self and the universe. Her creative expressions merge the essence of art, life, and shared experiences, unfurling across the canvas of existence. Delving into ancient Indian myths and figures, Kohli masterfully weaves beauty, sensuality, and spirituality themes, birthing her unique narrative pieces.

At the heart of her work lies a triumph of the feminine form and Shakti, the wellspring of creative and destructive energies, a source so closely meaningful to her own life. A visual abstract storyteller, Kohli intertwines personal experiences with universal resonance. This collection embraces the intricate nuances of existence and diverse paths toward nirvana, guided by verses of luminous saints, who, like weavers, entwine body and soul.

Kohli's masterful utilization of weaving techniques mirrors her connection to the artisanal past. The installation's centerpiece—a weaving loom and charkha from Panipat—symbolizes our interwoven presence in the cosmic fabric. Across 13 artworks, silk, cotton, beads, and sequins unite in a tapestry of expression. Acrylic paintings adorned with gold and silver leaf, alongside Banaras gold tissue, works, blend painting and embroidery seamlessly.

An enchanting journey with Cut from the Same Cloth is a universal journey delving into the self and its cosmic connection. Merging myth with reality, blurring boundaries, crafting narratives that transcend time. Seema Kohli’s captivating work celebrates the female in all its grandeur & magic.

Guided by saintly verses that have been part of the fabric of our being. Kohli weaves a tapestry of life's nuances, using weaving techniques to explore existence making it a tangible representation of the life force that dwells in us all. This awe-inspiring collection of artworks, embroidery, and multimedia performances beckons you to a world where art, life, and spirituality come together.

As the finale, a multidimensional performance merges animation, music, poetry, and movement, inviting you to immerse yourself in this captivating fusion of art and spirituality.

Come and indulge your senses in the beauty of this show at Bikaner House, Center of Contemporary Art, New Delhi. View it till the 4th of August,2023.


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