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Can Abstract Art be Decoded ?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The general term for abstract means something that is not in its physical form or does not exist but our brain is made to absorb visuals that are only known to exist. The fact is that our brain works faster when it comes to analyzing things that are known to exist rather than the unconventional abstract pieces. Abstract art, usually perceived as an intense expression of artist’s emotions in terms of colors, dots and patterns does not

the sum of abstract art in a gist!

What we see in an abstract piece is a deep exhibit of the artist's feelings hence it a quite difficult to tell what abstract paintings are trying to convey! You are not the one who failed to decode an abstract painting, it is very common to just dismiss an abstract piece because you were not able to crack the real meaning behind it! A person’s mind is challenged when it tries to recreate what an abstract piece depicts but sometimes there

is just no clue at all, so how does one even break such a typical painting down to understand what it says?

The key to understanding abstract art is to study its painter before you study their art. This abstract piece is the true representation of their feelings, emotions, opinion, and/or perceptions and hence decoding the piece becomes easier. Even a lot of Indian artist has been applauded for their abstract paintings in the last few decades and many more are shifting towards it; hence it is obvious that art lovers are in its search more than

ever now! But what makes abstract paintings such a hit?

A lot of art admirers say that it makes them happy. Some might say how can one be happy by seeing such a vague painting but it is not the case; it depends on where you are looking at it from. Abstract art creates different interpretations in our brain that in turn stimulate the elevated level of our brain which are responsible for creativity and imagination.

Below are a few tips that will definitely help you understand these magnificent pieces of art in an easier manner:

1. Context

Scientific studies suggest that the subject of the painting gives us pleasure. It also includes how much we know about the subject and how much do we actually understand the painting. Also, people appreciate abstract art made by humans more than they appreciate the ones made by a computer.

It is also said that artists enjoy abstract art more than non-artists!

2. The unseen hand

The human brain stimulates the brush strokes made in a painting and this is because of the cells known as mirror neurons. These cells are the ones that fire when we are observing actions and this doesn’t only mean the things, we observe but also actions used by an artist to create their work of art.

3. Artist and their psychology

Wassily Kandinsky, widely credited as the first abstract artist in the 20 th century had a lot of impact from the psychological perspective. He called abstract art the “science of the soul” and his art explored this relationship to the fullest. He even did tests on his students and the staff at the Bauhaus art college to prove that the mind pulled certain colors and shapes together.

4. Being proactive

Starting with the galleries near you or looking up the websites that offer information on abstract paintings, you can see a close up of what an actual abstract painting looks like. Try looking for the artist and what their inspiration was for this painting. Now closely analyze the form, color, light, and line in the painting and try to understand the motive. You will easily be able to analyze the motivation behind an artist’s work now!

5. Don’t mind the title

Abstract art will more often than not have an extremely vague title such as Number 4 or Red. Never let it bother you because most of these abstract artists give a vague title purposely because they want us, the audience to interact with the piece and eventually find our meanings and interpretations. But should also never dismiss the title completely; it might be very helpful sometimes in guiding you and your imagination! Also, always read the text accompanying the painting as that informs us about the artist’s background and artistic intention.

Art can’t be explained in words, since its influence on people vary and is very personal and also speaks to the non-verbal part of our existence. We should just let art take us to a different world. When it comes to abstract art, you may or may not be familiar with the painting but you should not let that deter you, rather you should accept what it is and should not look for the exact meaning of the same. Let your eyes and yourself relax and see what the emotions, sensations, and memories emerge! Just enjoy without any


By appreciating the freedom that comes with abstract art, individuals make connections and we then navigate every step of ours to understand abstraction.

Art is all about freedom!

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