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Antarang: An Artistic Exploration of Hidden Cosmic Forces by Vijaykumar Pandav

In the heart of Mumbai's thriving cultural milieu, an enthralling spectacle is poised to grace the hallowed halls of Jehangir Art Gallery. "Antarang: An Artistic Exploration of Hidden Cosmic Forces" is a solo masterpiece by the venerable artist, Vijaykumar Pandav, presented in collaboration with Rad Art Media. From October 24 to 30, this immersive exhibition unveils a transcendent odyssey through the cosmos, where Pandav's vivid brushstrokes and intricate textures beckon viewers to embark on a profound journey. The event culminates with the arrival of Prof. Narendra Datatraya Vichare, Chairman of The Bombay Art Society, and a distinguished faculty member at the illustrious Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, on October 25 at 3 pm. This will be followed by a stimulating public art walkthrough, extending an open invitation to connoisseurs, novices, and seekers of artistic and spiritual enlightenment.

Radiating Cosmic Interplay

"Antarang" gracefully transcends the conventions of conventional art exhibitions. Its thematic foundation resides in the enchanting exploration of concealed cosmic forces and energies, which subtly influence our daily existence. As patrons delve into Pandav's complex creations, a sublime realization begins to take shape, connecting the microcosmic facets of individual lives to the resplendent macrocosmic tapestry of the universe. These works aren't mere art; they function as visual meditations, eloquently deciphering the harmonious coexistence of cosmic energies and human consciousness.

A Peek into the Artist's Universe

Vijaykumar Pandav, an esteemed alumnus of Mumbai's prestigious J.J. School of Art, has wielded the artist's brush for over four decades. His distinctive oeuvre weaves a rich tapestry of vibrant hues and intricate textures, bestowing life upon the canvas. His artistic style is as exceptional as it is captivating, exemplifying an equilibrium amidst life's tempestuous energies.

Pandav's artistic odyssey is deeply rooted in a profound spirituality, which gracefully meanders through each of his creations. His paintings transcend the realms of visual artistry to become a channel through which viewers can access tranquillity and forge an intimate connection with the cosmos.

Showcasing the Masterpieces

Within "Antarang," Vijaykumar Pandav crafts an enigmatic tapestry, portraying the essence of the cosmos through his brushwork. His vibrant colour palette, complemented by intricate textures, conjures a sense of balance and harmony, echoing the serene equilibrium discovered amidst the chaos of the universe.

"The Yogi," one of the exhibition's notable works, paints a captivating portrayal of a cosmic voyage through galaxies. It employs a vivid, expressive colour scheme to capture the grandeur of the cosmos. The intricate patterns and textures interwoven throughout the artwork beckon viewers to embark on a voyage into the universe's enigmatic mysteries.

In "The Origin of Creation" another captivating piece, the artist breathes life into the abstract representation of the five natural elements. The artwork stimulates a profound connection with the core of our existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the cosmic forces that govern our world.

Radhika Maheshwari's Envisioning

"Antarang is a profound revelation, where Vijaykumar Pandav transcends traditional artistic boundaries to explore the elusive cosmic forces that sculpt our reality. It unfolds as a profound voyage of self-discovery through the medium of art, poised to resonate with those who seek a deeper connection with the cosmos." - says Radhika Maheshwari, Director Rad Art Media.

The Maestro Behind the Canvas

Vijaykumar Pandav's artistic journey spans over four decades, marked by his status as an esteemed alumnus of the illustrious J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Balancing a thriving career in brand design with Tata Motors, he has now gracefully retired to wholeheartedly embrace his passion for painting. His artworks reverberate with a deep connection to spirituality, transcending the traditional confines of artistic expression. Vijaykumar Pandav's dedication to his craft is poignantly reflected in the intricate textures and vivid, captivating colours that animate his canvases.

Invitation to Mumbai

Guest of Honour Prof. Narendra Datatraya Vichare, Chairman of The Bombay Art Society and an erudite faculty member of the renowned Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, is scheduled to visit the exhibition on October 25 at 3 pm. Subsequently, a public art walkthrough will offer an immersive journey through the artworks, facilitating an intimate exploration of the cosmic forces that serve as the wellspring of Pandav's inspiration. This event, open every day from October 24 to 30, from 11 am to 7 pm, extends a warm welcome to art aficionados, connoisseurs, and the curious.

We cordially invite art enthusiasts, spiritual voyagers, and those enthralled by the cosmic enigma to join us at Jehangir Art Gallery from October 24 to 30. Here, witness the captivating cosmic dance captured on canvas, the energies that entwine us with the universe, and the artistic ingenuity of Vijaykumar Pandav. Do not miss this rare opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary artistic odyssey. Whether you are an art connoisseur or an inquisitive soul, this exhibition promises an unforgettable journey. We eagerly anticipate your presence.

So, when are you coming?


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