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"A Stitch in Time" unveils the captivating world of artist Deepa Anand, where childhood memories and abstract expression converge to form a rich tapestry of artistic storytelling. Presented by Rad Art Media, this exhibition offers a glimpse into Deepa’s nostalgic journey, where each artwork serves as a portal to the cherished moments shared with her grandmother.

Drawing inspiration from the tender threads of her past, Deepa employs the technique of collage to weave together fragments of memory and emotion. Through the juxtaposition of shapes, textures, and colors, she invites viewers to embark on a deeply personal exploration of time, identity, and the passage of generations.

The title of the exhibition, "A Stitch in Time," pays homage to the enduring bond between Deepa and her grandmother—a bond that transcends the confines of linear time. Like the stitches that bind fabric together, these memories serve as anchors, grounding Deepa’s artistic practice in a rich heritage of love and tradition.

Each artwork in "A Stitch in Time" is a testament to the transformative power of art to preserve, reinterpret, and celebrate the stories that shape us. Through her abstract compositions, Deepa invites us to reflect on the fleeting nature of time, the resilience of memory, and the profound impact of those who leave an indelible mark on our lives.

As we journey through the exhibition, we are reminded that, like a stitch in time, art has the power to mend the past, enrich the present, and illuminate the path forward. Through Deepa’s evocative creations, we are invited to pause, reflect, and reconnect with the timeless threads that bind us all.

Curatorial Note

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About the Artist

Deepa Anand, based in Mumbai, breathes life into her canvases with a palette drawn exclusively from nature’s hues. Using earthy tones inspired by Rajasthan’s landscapes, she pioneers sustainability by crafting her paints at home and infusing her pieces with embroidery and fabrics. Her artistic evolution, influenced by her grandmother and formal training at SNDT Mumbai Women’s University, took her from web design to a decade-long commitment to the canvas. Embracing mixed media, Deepa innovates with homemade paper, twigs, and dried flowers, transcending traditional acrylic on canvas. With a profound connection to nature, her works redefine simplicity, revealing their true evocative power with every gaze.

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