Watercolour Landscape

Updated: Apr 21

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta is a Rad Educator for watercolor landscape

Step 1.

This is the basic sketch I did with .5 pencil on arches 300gsm cp.

Step 2.

Here I started with the sky with Payne's grey and I did it with wet on wet technique. For the mountains I used ultramarine blue .

Step 3.

I did the closer mountains with burnt umber and the forest green. I used the same wet on wet tech to achieve he soft look.

Step 4.

Here I did the ocean with cinerous blue with wet on wet technique . I left the white areas for the boats.

Step 5.

While the paper is wet I added few strokes of ultramarine blue to create an illusion if depth on the ocean.

Step 6.

Here I added little of green on the ocean .

Step 7.

I defined the boats here. Added darker values to the white areas to manipulate the light. And added some bright colors to add instant life.

Step 8.

At the final stage I added some white definitions to add the masts of the boats and their reflections. Also added little white as the reflection of the body of the boats on the still water

Step 9

And that's it. A serene view of the ocean with few boats under a stormy sky with some faraway mountains. Enjoy the view

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