Watercolour Landscape

Updated: Feb 8

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta is a Rad Educator for watercolor landscape

Step 1. This is the basic sketch what we are going to paint today. A very simply mountain scene in the evening light with lots of reflection.

Step 2 : For the middle sky I have used yellow ochre and while going further up i have mixed it with a hint of ultramarine blue and crimson lake to add subtle evening light effect.

Step 3 : I have done furthest mountains with very light yellow ochre . Added a hint of purple towards the edges.

Step 4 : At this stage I have added the comparably nearest hill which is darker and i have used purple with admix of panes grey.

Step 5 : At this stage I have added the nearest hill which is dark green and having a slight hint of the pine trees and added yellow ochre mixed with deep orange and pat halo green on the ground.

Step 6 : Moving towards the next very step I have added the reflection of the mountains on the water. I have used the same pigments for the reflection of the mountains as I used for the mountains.

Step 7 : Here I have added the pine trees with sap green mixed with panes grey . These pine trees are nearest and darkest and setting the perfect contrast for the perspective.

Step 8 : Here I have added the reflection of the trees in the water. The water is still and the reflections are very defined sharp and crisp and not distorted . I have used the same pigment for the reflection.

Step 9 : This is the final stage. As we all know water color looks lighter once dries and I was not happy with the color saturation here I have added like more color to the sky and the mountains. Added more purple on the water and sky and lil more color to the hills that are nearer. Added lil more panes grey to the pine trees so that it stands out nicely against the perspective.

And that is how the painting looks.

Hope you will enjoy doing this . Happy Painting.

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