Watercolor Landscape

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta is a Rad Educator for watercolor landscape.

Step 1:-

I kept the sketch basic and simple. Not too many details and I have used nonsmudgeable 0.5 led pencil on 300 gsm cp arches.

Step 2:-

I have used a mixture of cinereous blue and ultramarine blue for the sky. For the bushes, I have used sap green mixed with yellow and done with wet on wet technique to create a smooth effect. I have also added a little bit of orange to create an effect of dried leaves on the bush area,

Step 3:-

I have added a mix of Payne's grey, ultramarine blue, and sap green on the darker area of the bush area.

Step 4:-

Later on, I have added a mix of crimson lake and vermilion hue to create the Bournville effect scattered here and there.

Step 5:-

Here, I have started with the shop using deep orange for the body of the shop and cinereous blue for the roof area.

Step 6:-

Furthermore, I have also created a darker value of the blue mixed with a bit of ultramarine blue and Payne's grey and cinereous blue.

Step 7:-

Here I started with the figures. We need to remember that whilst painting figures, our focus should be on the shape, light, and value. We will certainly avoid tiny human figure details for this one. The approach should be very suggestive.

Step 8:-

This is the final stage of the painting. I have added small random details to the background. This helps to create a story. I worked mostly focusing on the light and shape. I have also used bold random strokes instead of minute details and used some bright hues to add some interest to the painting.

I have also added shadows on the road using Payne's grey and ultramarine blue. I have used burnt sienna for the pavement and grey for the road.

Step 9:-

This is the final painting. Fun fact - I got the inspiration to make this one when I was going to my local grocery shop. It's a small street-side food corner always crowded by foodies. The scene looked so beautiful and simple that I simply couldn't stop me from capturing its photo. It also made me realize that there is so much beauty in the daily ordinary stuff of our lives.

Happy Painting. <3

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