Step by Step Watercolour Painting

Updated: Feb 11

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Ambbali Bhattacharyya Dutta is Rad Educator for Watercolour Landscape & Portrait.

Materials required :

1) Watercolors

2) Paint Brushes

3) A cup of water

4) 180 GSM sheet

Step 1:

For the sky, I have used the wet on wet technique and used cinereous blue and a bit of crimson lake near the mountains to set the mood and of the sky.

Step 2:

I have used the mix of generous blue and ultramarine blue for the mountains. The mountains are far and blue is the perfect color to set the perspective.

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Step 3:

Here comes the brightest part. For the ground, I have used the glazing techniques. First I have used gamboge yellow and in the second layer, I have used sap green and yellow mix. The ground closer to the eyes is having more of earth tone and have used burnt umber and sap green to create the look.

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Step 4:

Here I have defined the mountains with another application of the same colour I have used initially for the mountains. And add a little bit of purple for the furthest layers of the mountains. I have lifted some colour once the application is dried from the mountain where it is touching the landscape. It is adding a sense of depth to the mountains.

Step 5:

The houses here are the easy part to do and I have used vermilion hue for the rooftop and yellow ochre for the body of the houses.

Step 6:

The scattered pine trees are the life of this landscape. I loved doing them. I have used sap green and ultramarine blue mix. I have used the wet on dry techniques for the trees to avoid any kind of colour bleeding into the landscape area.

Step 7:

I have completed the houses at this stage. I have used yellow ochre and burnt sienna's mixed for the darker side of the houses. I kept the church white and added few details of the door and windows with Payne's grey. I do not use black for the door and window. It kills the depth and looks flat.

Step 8:

This is the final stage where I added few touch-ups on the ground and painted randomly a few flowers just to pep up the area.

And it is completed.

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A nice warm sunny and cozy day in the lap of blue mountains and lush green landscape. Happy Painting !

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