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Pune Art Festival : An Extravagant Art Affair

Updated: Aug 5

The city of Pune, known for its rich Maratha Heritage and the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra; recently hosted one of the country’s biggest art fest – Pune Art Festival. With the participation of more than 1500 artists from all around the globe, and a total display of more than 4500+ artworks, the event was a culmination of art, culture and beauty. 60,000+ people came in to relish this visual treat where 750+ artworks were sold.

The visitors were in a treat for oil and acrylic paintings, watercolour work, calligraphy, pen art, digital paintings and mixed media. The art show also saw a collection of murals, ceramics and sculptures. Pune Art Festival was a host to amateurs and professionals alike, giving everyone an equal opportunity to exhibit their art and be a part of this ravishing platform for 4 days from December 26 to December 29, 2019.

With special live music performances by famous Marathi singers and a dedicated area for entertainment and food-stalls, the event left no stone unturned to make sure the visitors had a great time, surrounded by art, music and food. With only INR 50/- as the entry ticket, all the 15,000+ visitors saw worth in every moment spent at Pandit Farms (Pune), the venue for the four day art festival.

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With continuous art demonstrations and art discussions, it saw an interchange of knowledge between the masters and newbies. The most loved and awaited demo was given by the watercolour maestro, Artist Bijay Biswal; the official Brand Ambassador of Winsor and Newton. Another breath taking highlight of the event was “World Record of 48 hour continuous live String Art by Artist Rahul Thakare.”

The extravagant event was hosted by the renowned Rangsamarth Studios. The directors Mr. Atul Katkar, Mr. Pramod Mane, Mr. Praveen Pandkar, Mr. Prashant Shitoot and Mr. Umakant Kanade have been in the art industry for more than two to three decades. They identified the real need and gave artists the platform, Pune had been missing since forever. Speaking to them, made us realise their dedication and passion to bring a revolution in the art industry in Pune. Mr. Katkar said, “These types of events are a common in Mumbai or Delhi, but why should Pune be behind, when it holds a plethora of artistic talent and creativity ? With this vision in mind, we at Rangsamartha Studio decided to host Pune Art Festival and intend to continue it every year, making it bigger and better.”

Pune Art Festival was definitely - "a creative escape" for its over enthusiastic citizens.

#stayrad with Pune Art Festival

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